Is Ma Griffe old woman-worthy?

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  1. minka
    Ma Griffe vintage does qualify for this old lady and reminds me of Quadrille as unique perfume for it's stand alone scent.
  2. rednails
    Vintage Ma Griffe is an oakmoss monster, definitely OL. Modern too: although it lacks the moss, its gardenia is has a 1940s retro vibe. For when you wear a vintage jacket with a nipped waist and shoulder pads and little hat with a feather.
  3. Cyn
    It sure is! I have a mini bottle and don't know what I will do what it's gone.
  4. LiliB
    I have just acquired a vintage parfum and that was an eye-opener. The memory I have of Ma Griffe is of a most unusual green perfume, dominated by its opening green notes and the combination of citrus, galbanum and the sublime clary sage.

    What I discovered in the parfum was the unique and lovely floral heart that lives within these green notes. Rather than being the slightly cold, green perfume I remembered from the 70s, this was warm, honeyed and softly feminine.

    Once again, this proves that the parfum is the only real way we can guess at what the perfumer may have had in mind. There's a harmony, balance and serene beauty in the parfum that I just didn't begin to 'get' from the EDT.

    Speaking of EDt, I have a rather weird looking bottle coming from a seller in a small town on the Murray here in Australia. It is quite unlike anything I have ever seen, and I will post a pic once it arrives. The seller seems to think it's from the 60s but I doubt it since it is a spray bottle.
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