Some current favorites with 'old fashioned vibe' -

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  1. minka
    Fragonard's Reve Indien and Cartier's So Pretty have that scent of a classic and I hate to say it "old lady vibe".
  2. rednails
    I just sprayed some Tuca Tuca on a card at Lush. The violet in it is old fashioned -- like a heavier, less sedate Le Dix (without the aldehydes, of course!). Its base is a thoroughly modern hippy-gourmand kind of thing. I liked it for all that.
  3. Tourbillion
    At the moment, I am obsessed with some older fragrances, but they aren't exactly "old lady." Instead they are young lady of days gone by. I have been wearing a lot of N'aimez que Moi and today, Piver's Esperys, which I love.

    You can read my review of it in my blog, since it will be months before it is approved.
  4. Madame du Barry
    Lady Caron! It's mostly about flowers - then the woodsy notes kick in. Absolutely beautiful.
  5. jtd
    I've recently tried Carthusia Numero Uno and love it. It shares a classical chypre directness with Chanel Pour Monsieur, but has a citrus and camphorous quality that gives it a wonderful soapy feel. I've been wearing it often. Both the connection to PM and the soapiness give Numero Uno the old fashioned vibe. Classic in feel but still current. BTW, the box of my bottle lists treemoss but no oakmoss. This is the best use of strictly treemoss in lieu of oakmoss in a contempirary chypre that I've smelled.
  6. Possumbility
    Belle du Soir, I don't know if it's old woman worthy or not, but I like it and it doesn't smell modern to me.
  7. LiliB
    Experiencing Acqua di Parma Profumo was like coming home. This is a truly lovely, ultra-feminine, expensive smelling perfume. It shouts class with a capital 'C'. I bought a full bottle, unsniffed, based on comparisons made with Amouage Jubilation 25.

    Whilst there is a similarity there, they are distinctly different perfumes, with J25 having far more ingredients and a more complex dry down. Profumo is sunshine in a bottle, and if you like the traditional sunny, floral, French perfumes (my favourites include Chanel 5, Le Dix, Rive Gauche, Arpege, Joy), then this will give you a pleasant surprise. It's truly 'Old lady worthy'.

    Whilst on the subject of Amouage, all three of my FB, Gold, Dia and Jubilation 25, are carrying on the best traditions of fine French perfumery, with a modern twist. There is more than a nod to their Middle Eastern origins with fine ingredients like Frankincense and Myrrh which lend them an air of the exotic as well as the familiar.

    All three are made in the French tradition and fit comfortably into a wardrobe that holds old classics. All of them are also dense, rich, and complex, with fine progression to dry down. A little goes a long way, and they are some of the many that I have decanted into a little roll-on. This makes them last a long time and justifies the outrageous prices by their longevity.
  8. PearlGirl
    Hi Everyone, especially you Miss Dior fans! May I join you?
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