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  1. autumngleeman
    welcome newcomers! I'm sorry responses take so long, I'm not in the habit of checking the page often because of the inactivity. Fainting, I'm pleased to meet you! I'm a huge fan of old skinny puppy myself. I'm sad to hear that you don't have a goth scene nearby. I'm lucky that Denver has such a big scene. I doubt it will ever die here, since a lot of the old heads still club and an infusion of new blood has been happening over the last 5-6 years. I have travelled to many places, and I would say that Denver has a scene that ranks behind only Los Angeles, and is on par with places like Toronto and San Francisco. It's nice to hear that you have many literary interests compatible with mine. Do you have any favorite books of the genres you mentioned? Anise scents...hmm. Come to think of it, anise doesn't feature very prominently in my collection of 50 or so parfums. Sorry I can't help with that. Finding the perfect goth scent usually involves frankencense or rose or something of that nature for most people. Although I try to think outside the box when I search for gothic scents. Anyway, welcome Fainting!

    Hi Fabio, welcome to the group! I'm interested in how you became curious about goth culture. What got you started? I admired the culture and scene from the outside for many years. For me, it was my love of a goth girl that brought me in to the scene. Goth perfume is a notoriously difficult genre to pin down. There is a parfumer known as Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that makes perfume exclusively with a goth aesthetic...but believe it or not I have never tried them. Maybe that is something you might look into? Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I've never smelled Petit morte, I'll have to obtain a sample for me and my girlfriend to try. Welcome again Fabio!
  2. HouseofOrpheus
    My name is Marcus and I am the perfumer and owner of the House of Orpheus a high perfume house with Gothic sensibilities.
    I love Gothic fashion personally. As well a occult fashion and much of my work is based on occult themes.
    I live with my partner the perfumer and owner of rosarium blends in a cabin in the dark PNW, and spend my days playing in the apothecary and studying sorcery.
  3. HayleyComments
    Hi! I too love industrial and 80s goth music. What can we do to activate peoples on here huh?
    Tell me about some of the ways you like to use fragrance that are non-typical. I am also part of the "alternative lifestyle" community and like to incorporate the use of scents into different types of play. I love the smell of jute rope and the ozone that my violet wand gives off, and oh the leather..... I should stop now...
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