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  1. rickbr
    Is there patchouli on the No3 version too? I noticed now that i get a kind of earthy, almost mineral nuance that i got from a few patchouli fragrances that i tried in the past...
  2. rickbr
    Just imagining now, if it was a personal project, i would change the base, maybe favor the myrrh and add some sandalwood on it. And definitely i'd love to see the coffee last more on my skin...
  3. rickbr
    I'm testing today Milano Caffèe No 4. I see it as an independent scent to No 3 instead of an interation of the idea. They really behave different on my skin. While both are not intense on me, No 4 is more quiet, sometimes i have to search for it to notice it's still on my skin. The boozy effect, saddly, is gone, so i don't get any chocolate or coffee licqueur on it. Instead, the roasted coffee aroma is more noticeable, but not intense. It's detectable at the opening, with something that intrigues me and produces a kind of baby soap aura on my skin. I wonder if there is some neroli on the formula, maybe in small amount, because it's an effect that stays closer to skin. The base doesn't have the amber impression, it's more woody, the vetiver is very noticeable to me. But it seems more linear too. This version seems more safe, elegant but it doesn't leave you space for surprises. While i like the roasted coffee opening, i miss the spices, the licquer effect and in my opinion the base of the original one would work better maybe than the vetiver one, that seems more commonplace to me.
  4. Profumo
    dear Rickbr, I think to remember that there is some neroli in Grezzo, the main woody ingredient of Milano caffé N°4, I shall verify on my return from Jordan.
    the perfumer is only obeying to his public, and he has little choice between a version that pleases more to a few and an other one that most people prefer.
    This is why I have chosen the number 4 as definitive "Milano Caffè", but I can keep the option of custom production, being such a small artisan, and I can in future produce for those of you who prefer it, bottle by bottle, the number 3 on request.
  5. rickbr
    I'd be definitelly interested on a 15ml bottle of number 3 if do a batch of it in the future
  6. Profumo
    Dear Rickbr, any time you want. you can contact me for this at
  7. Diamondflame
    Just received a sample of Milano Caffè No.4. I like this a lot more than the last version. Here the spices are more muted, adding a measure of warmth without overwhelming the coffee beans accord. The vetiver base is smooth, appearing only towards the drydown though its cool grassy nuance is felt in the heart notes. I couldn't be sure but is there any lavender in No.4?
  8. Profumo
    Dear Diamondflame, I am abroad and cannot check my formula of Grezzo, which is the new ingredient in Milano caffè 4, but I think that you are right, there should be some lavender in it. I also like more this version and nearly all the people in Italy who smelled them.
  9. prosperonline
    Sorry I am a bit late, but I would have the Italian names. I have never been to Milano, which seems a far too big city, but one day I would. Last time I ws in Italy, in Firenze for 4 days to have short travels to Venice, Lucca, Siena, Pisa, by train which is a very nice way to go around and see places, I was going to Milano but on last minute decided to loose the ticket and go to Siena again instead. I always go to the same old places ... Just if I were doing a cent to homage Florence I would call it Duomo, that because when I am there I pass the Duomo at least about 4 to 5 times, and take hundreds fo photos all sort of times during the day. I think it is fascinating, only match in size to its own history. Bravo...
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