Correcting commercial fragrances with hyraceum (2)

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  1. Profumo

    The Hyraceum project has jumped on the main forum thanks to the insistence of Purplebird and thanks to the shifting of platform that caused the loss of the original thread and the necessity to restart it.

    From now on, our experiments will be more visible to all, for the profit of all those who have a curiosity and interest in animal scents in perfumery. Moreover a larger number of Basenoters will be able to participate which will make the findings of our research more valid.

    The project consists in adding animal scents to commercial fragrances and realize if it has an effect on their longevity, volume, trail, sensuality and also to observe if there is an effect on the opposite sex, when you are wearing a commercial fragrance “doctored “ with animal scents. (this seems to be the case according to the first finds”

    We are starting with Hyraceum, 15 free kits of Hyraceum have been distributed initially to members of “Profumo friends club “.
    The kits for who wishes to make his own experiments or to verify those described by the participants can be found on the site, where the instructions for making experiments are also detailed.
    Anyone wishing to contact me can PM me.
  2. lpp

    The missing threads should be uploaded to the site soon.
    Apologies for any inconvenience.

    Until then, this is an archive link to some of the information from the original thread.
  3. scintilly
    thank you for posting this as I too couldn't find the hyraceum experiment page. A relief to know it's still there.
  4. cosmopolit
    Hi all:

    I have been a bit slowed down by the change in the site, but am ready to commence my blending.

    First up: Sables by Annick Goutal. This is my favorite fragrance, but it does seem to lack an animalic element. On the other hand, I have heard of folks here on Basenotes who layer Sables with MKK, which has always intrigued me and makes be believe that Sables would benefit from adding another dimension.

    I will be blending the hyraceum into Sables at 1 drop per ml.

    So far I have allowed a number of folks to sniff the hyraceum, including my students and fellow researchers (some of whom are olfactory researchers). Most find the fragrance pleasant. I find it quite pleasant, combining subdued animal qualities with a rich, winey note.

    I will post more of my experiences with the hyraceum/Sables soon.

    (AbdesSalaam, I also want to say that as a design researcher, I find your current project a very good example of a "cultural probe."
  5. edward t
    edward t
    Hello All. Well, I tried adding Hyraceum to Oud Fougere and some Creed Oud Royale. These experiments took place a few weeks ago, but I seem to have lost the notes in the shuffle waiting for the reappearance of the thread. The one significant thing I noted was that while wearing a mixture of the Oud Fougere and hyraceum in a 3:1 ration was that the whole hour and a half I was around a group of people, I was getting verbally chatted up and playfully touched by an open lesbian. Being a male, I found this quite unusual. She was quite talkative, smiley and her eyes were all lit up. It’s hard to tell for certain in this little time, but I think I may notice differences in the way women act around me after I apply hyraceum. It seems like they tend to hover and be more talkative when I wear the tincture. There are so many variables that this can only be my opinion at this time.

    I put some of the straight tincture in a sample vial and I am going to give it some time to see if I notice any results from wearing it solo.
  6. Profumo
    EdwardT, this is an interesting breakthrough. It has to be verified but I am sure that every male in this group will try, as his next experiment, to see if it is true that Hyraceum has such an effect on women. It would be interesting to see how men behave when a female is the wearer.
  7. Profumo
    Cosmopolit, your link to cultural probes is very interesting. The intention is to reach truth through the experimenting of many people. The cultural information revealed by the expeiments are very much like cultural probes. The may very well be tha base for a design project, such as the composing of a Basenotes perfume with the theme of Hyraceum. In the way Oud Caravan and Milano Caffé were composed here with the group members.
    That would be interesting indeed, I have not used Hyraceum so far in any of my perfumes.
  8. the_good_life
    I added two drops of Hyraceum to roughly 1ml of Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet this morning, a sultry floral concoction that used to have a reputation for being wildly animalic but is now somewhat anemic, though still a nice powdery floriental. As a Victorian orientalist fantasy of hammam and harem it seemed like an ideal candidate for the project. My inital impression, wearing both versions on my left and right arm respectively, is that while the scent has changed almost imperceptibly (a tad darker, rounder, fuller), the effect is entirely different - the H.ed up version sends tingles down your spine, it is positively erotic. I will have to do a double-blind test of this, but this initial subjective impression is fascinating.

    I will be trying this on sandalwoods, too, Egoiste and Creed's vintage Bois de Santal.
  9. Profumo
    You are right good life, double, triple andmore blind tests are necessary with perfumes, because nothing is more easy thanto autosuggest oneself with smells. This even more important to do because youascert an erotic power of Hyraceum, and you will raise the interest of many. Youcould use the techniques illustrated in this page: See: "how to use your kit".
  10. Profumo
    Although the offer for free kits is gone, whoever would like to join in the experiment and write his findings here can purchase it at the reasonable price of 25 euros at this page.

    The instructions for using the kit are at the same page.

    Have a nice time exploring the science of the nose with the Hyraceum kit.
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