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  1. lpp
    Gosh - the little chick has grown so much!
  2. rowan-
    Emoyeni's chick really looks like more of a teenager - it's definitely outgrown those fuzzy pants!

    Folks on the forum are saying it spent the night alone for the first time yesterday. It doesn't seem to have been fed today either, today, so hopefully there will be a good meal tomorrow!

    All the same, there was clearly turtle on the menu recently:

    From RitaR at Hancock Wildlife forum
  3. lpp
    Great pic., thanks rowan!
    The colour is changing now too.
    It was sleeping a lot today - hope mum's o.k.
  4. rowan-
    Wasn't mine, unfortunately - haven't had much of a chance to watch the nest of late. But here's a screencap I took 12 days ago while it was wrestling with its spaghetti and meatballs - you can see how much fuzz it's shed and how the feathers have really grown in since then!

    P.S.: Can't quite remember / figure out how to do the usual <img> tags or otherwise change the size of the pics like we could in Huddler - anyone? (I mean, I resize my own pics before uploading them, but the ones from elsewhere that I link to are plainly too big!)
  5. lpp
    I haven't sorted it out either yet, rowan!
    The 'basic' uploader is missing from a few places here at the moment too.
  6. hednic
    Wow how that chick has grown! It's good to have this conversation back. Thanks Lpp!
  7. lpp
    You're welcome, hednic - looking forward to the Ospreys again!
  8. lpp

    Just added a pic. of mum & chick (taken today) to Group Photos.
  9. rowan-
    The cam is unbelievably laggy today - keeps freezing (and that's if it even loads at all) - but I did catch a rare moment when someone was obviously playing with the zoom function. Badly framed, but this is probably the closest shot of the chick so far:

  10. lpp
    Well done, rowan & thanks for the brilliant pic!
    The cam was freezing a lot earlier for me too.
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