Week 12

  1. shadesofbleu
    Hard to believe we are at week 12 already ... Some good games this week, some not so good. Who ya got this weekend?
  2. shadesofbleu
    Thursday night: New Orleans at Atlanta

    I have to go with the Saints by two TDs.
  3. hednic
    I'll go with New Orleans by one touchdown over Atlanta. Love the way the Saints have been playing lately.
  4. shadesofbleu
    ugh! Not a great day for the KC defense to take the week off. I hope the injuries to Hali and Houston are not too bad or we won't be winning against Denver next week either.
  5. hednic
    With Denver's loss to NE, looks like the rematch with KC will be meaningful and important. The outcome might be different this time with KC having home field advantage. We'll see.
  6. kalli
    Surprised KC lost to SD, injuries stink. Hopefully, all will be better.

    Not hopeful for my 9ers against RG3 and the gang.
  7. shadesofbleu
    Redskins are dysfunctional right now ... I love the nickname RG ME, it certainly fits. 9ers are getting them at a good time, IMO.

    I'm dragging azz today because I stayed up to watch the Denver/New England game last night ... but I'm sure glad I did. I saw one of the greatest comebacks. Of course, it didn't hurt that it was Brady over Manning ... again.
  8. kalli
    Oh man, that muffed punt, what a fail!! I don't care for the Pats or Den much..so I don't care about that game. I dislike the Pats more though. Glad to hear the 9ers won over RG3 & Co. But poor RG and his knee..total bummer he's still having problems with it.
  9. hednic
    That Denver - New England game was worth a few lost hours of sleep. Who would have guessed the outcome!
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