Drinking oud ....

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  1. russian adam
    russian adam
    oook ,

    i did mentioned that few days ago i took 2 drops of pure oud that i mixed in a glass of water ,
    then almost straight away i went to bed , so i did not focus on that properly...

    today i decided to do it again,

    so i just drank the glass of water with 1 drop of wild papua oud.
    oooh, it did effect me...
    first impression was the refreshment ... it was around 12 at night and i started to open my eyes wider and thoughts started to rush ...
    after about 15 min it relaxed me and now i want to go to bed ...
    i feel warm now and very comfortable =) i don wana move much now ....
    will repeat it again with dif. oud after day or two and let you no...

    PLEASE be very careful and if you decide to experiment consult with your doctor,
    ONLY take pure oud,
    1-2 drops per glass max. and mix very well.
    The distiller who advised me to do that also said NOT to use aged oud oils...
    oooh yes , also i think it is better to stick with wild ouds ...
  2. russian adam
    russian adam
    hi there =)
    yesterday i had Assam oud,
    1 drop,
    it was hard to mix it well in water, so i added some hot water and finally i managed, thank God Almighty.

    well, i didnt enjoy as mush as i enjoy papua ...
    the taste was not as good and the effect was weaker,
    pretty much the same but less noticeable.

    I am thinking may be i need to increase the dose now...?=)

    Now planing to try another Indonesian oud,
    will see how it goes...

    Stay tuned...
    Call police if i wont get back in the next couple of days =)
  3. tcherkassi
    Very interesting Adam! I look forward to discover more of your oud's adventures!
  4. lpp
    Fascinating stuff, Adam - you've opened up a whole new area for reviews!
    Look forward to reading the next instalment.
  5. russian adam
    russian adam

    a bit tired, slight head ache ,
    1.5 drops of green oud taken internally in a glass of water=)
    super clean head, sharp but slow thinking,
    less movements, but no tiredness.
    head ache almost gone, very relaxed now, eyes are closing ...
    going sleep now ...

    i feel that my body likes drinking oud ...
    i like it as well
  6. tcherkassi
    What kind of oud this time?
  7. russian adam
    russian adam
    Indonesian, from dif. region.
    so far i found Indonesian ouds to be the best for drinking.
    the taste is quite nice and effect is noticeable,
    also because from what i have now Indonesian ouds are wild and fresh .
    once i dropped a bit of cambodi that was highly matured (but not thick) and it sinked and stayed as a small ball at the bottom of the glass, was very hard to mix it with water.
    then i told that to my friend, who advised me to drink oud and he said that i must not drink aged oils.
  8. russian adam
    russian adam
    no one planing to try it out ?
  9. lpp
    Soon...we're just waiting to find out which you recommend the most highly, Adam

    I was looking at some Tibetan remedies the other day & they use all kinds of herbs & other things, even rhododendron.

    p.s. - might have some nice Thai stashed somewhere - will dig it out & see what happens.
  10. lpp
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