A to Z of Greatest Powerhouse Fragrances

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  1. Scent-e-mental
    I thought it might be interesting to put together a list of the greatest powerhouse fragrances from A to Z. One fragrance per letter of the (English) alphabet. The way I thought we could do it would to be to start at A and work through in order, until we get to Z. Anyone can suggest an alternative powerhouse candidate for that letter and after 2 days of voting we will move onto the next letter (once we have ascertained the 'winner'). This is of course all subjective, and hopefully will be informative and fun.


    A is for Aramis, a powerhouse classic from 1966, powerful and rich. What do you say? Any better candidate for A?
  2. PerfumeCollector
    Azzaro pour Homme would by my choice for "A", but it is your list.
    For "B" my suggestion is Basile Uomo, although Balenciaga pour Homme or Bijan Men could be contenders
  3. Scent-e-mental
    Okay, two candidates for A:

    Azzaro pour homme and Aramis by Aramis.

    As for B, will Bijan Men gets my vote, but I have never smelt Basile.
  4. ezequiel91
    For the A, Antaeus. I think it's awesome. For the B, I put Bel Ami over Bijan.
  5. PerfumeCollector
    It seems it would be hard to get everybody to agree om this list LOL
    Maybe Quorum nailed the Q (I think), and Zizanie the Z.

    Bel Amie is a great fragrance, no question about it, but as a powerhouse it cannot reach the "macho" attitude of either Basile Uomo or Bijan Men.
    And I think the intentions of this list is for the bona fide powerhouses.

    Too bad you haven't experienced Basile Uomo Scent-e-mental, I think that I get more compliments with Basile than with any other fragrance.
  6. Boge
    I have Basile Uomo but have only worn it once or twice. I may have to revisit it. It's an odd duck for sure.
  7. Paradeiserl
    Ok, for the "B" section: Bogart by Jaques Bogart
  8. PerfumeCollector
    What kind of can of worms have you opened up Scent-e-mental?????? LOL

    And I would agree on Bogart for the B
  9. Buddy97
    Great idea for a thread, although I do feel it hard to perhaps limit to one fragrance per letter, given different perceptions held by all.
    For me:

    A - Aramis, Azzaro, Antaeus
    B - Bogart (quill), Balenciaga, Bel Ami, Bijan, Brut, Blue Stratos
    C - Clubman, Caesars
  10. PerfumeCollector
    Brut and Blue Stratos are clearly a step below Bijan, Bogart or Basile and I think do not belong to the list.
    If it was up to me this would be the list so far:

    A - Azzaro, (Aramis),
    B - Bogart (nib), Basile
    C - Caesars
    Q- Quorum
    Z - Zizanie
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