Bald eagles in Florida -

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  1. rowan-
    Here's what looks to be a nice setup in NE Florida with separate cameras for close-ups and wide shots of the area around the tree - lots to look at!

    The bald eagles are called, ahem, Romeo and Juliet (can't tell them apart yet though Romeo, apparently, is the one with the eyeliner). There are two eggs on the nest.

    Can't wait for them to hatch! With the level of detail on this cam, I expect the pictures will be fairly fabulous.

    Cam 1:

    Cam 2:

    About the nest:
  2. lpp
    Great find - thanks, rowan!
  3. rowan-
    A very efficient Change of Guard here:

    "How was your day, dear"?"

    "Fine, thanks, bye."
  4. lpp
    Right - going to bookmark those right now!
  5. hednic
    Same here - Bookmarked! Thank you.
  6. lpp
    The nest.
  7. rowan-
    Thanks, lpp - really nice bit of sky! That cam is going come in handy when the chicks fledge.
  8. lpp
    Thanks, rowan - it was quite windy there earlier.

    It's a really well thought out set up so it should be a great one to watch!
  9. rowan-

    Finally glimpsing the eggs!
  10. rowan-
    Look out for the occasional change in scenery too:

    I suppose this is the one with the eyeliner. ^
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