A question on Quorum

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  1. Francolino
    Were there other reformulations after 2003? thanx!
  2. Slayerized
    I don't think so............
    2003 was the latest reformulation (of two) and there are multiple threads which state that the first version (original vintage) was best, first reformulation is worse and recent formulation is second best. I own current version and is imo a very ok scent! (All three have different packages on which u can recognize the different formulations)

    Here a copy from another thread I just found in which this is all stated as well: (Thanks/credits to Derby!)


    The original Quorum has a box like the one below - zig-zag pattern but more importantly - symmetrical with the gold bar extending across the front of the box:

    The later one had a zig-zag pattern but wasn't symmetrical:

    The latest is completely different - see below:

    Many lovers of this great fragrance believe that the middle version is the poorest in terms of blending and longevity.
  3. Francolino
    thanx, Mr. Slayer!
  4. PerfumeCollector
    The second version is indeed the poorest. The first is somewhat harsh and maybe primitive, even brutal, with a lot of "balls"
    The second is not even worth mentioning.
    The third is a lot more luxurious, friendly, even comfortable and while maybe is lacking some of the "attitude" of the first formulation, it is still a "powerhouse" by all means.

    IMO, the dominant notes in first version were Leather and Oakmoss while in the third are Patchouli and Tobacco.
    I like them both, but the advantage of the third version is its versatility
  5. Slayerized
    I only own the current formulation which I wore a lot 3 years ago but hardly anymore last 1.5 year. To me it's pretty good but only first 3-4 hrs as I am not that fond of the (late) drydown. First 3-4 hours it is pretty fresh, ubermasculine and wearable if not overapplied (even in hotter weather)!
  6. Francolino
    thanx for the info!
  7. bigsteve
    I own and like the current version. Great masculine scent, but like Slayerized, I find the longevity is not quite what I would like it to be.
  8. badarun
    Anyone who has tried the 2nd version Quorum seen above? How is it compared to the current version available? Mainly - how good is the oakmoss? Thx
  9. Buddy97
    A fellow BN'er sometime ago highlighted some months ago to me that there are in fact two differing packagings of current formulation, one with Puig name and logo on box, which is a very decent version, and one without any logo on box, a much poorer version IMHO.

    Not sure which came first in terms of dates, but can attest to quality of Box 1 hereunder - had earlier purchased bottle with Box 2 packaging and thought it a very mediocre rendition of a great scent.

    Box 1 (decent formulation)

    Box 2 (not so good)
  10. Boge
    I have some vintage which is IMO more stout initially, but after 15 or 20 mins. I cannot tell from the newest reformulation. I love Quorum, however on me personally it does not project much after a few hours.
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