Week 15

  1. shadesofbleu
    Tonight's game is Denver vs San Diego. It's hard as a Chiefs fan to really root for either one, but I will be pulling for the Chargers tonight. Also, three former Jayhawks to watch in the game, which is always fun for me ... Darrell Stuckey with SD and Steven Johnson and Chris Harris with Denver.
  2. kalli
    Chargers +1

    About D.C., I think Shanahan will be fired. I guess they benched RG3..gotta be that knee injury why he's not playing up to par? They pushed him too hard last year perhaps.
  3. hednic
    If Shanahan wants to play elsewhere, other teams will be happy to have him.
  4. shadesofbleu
    Chiefs are in the playoffs! Exciting day in Chiefsland.
  5. kalli
    Chargers won, KC won, 56 points?! Wow. Congrats Shades!
  6. Tony T
    The drama continues in D.C.
    My Bears are in a good position
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