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    Hi i recently received an Oud sample. Man does it smell good! Earthy, woody, mossy, and slightly leathery. It's very strong and smooth. It looks like the color of new motor oil with the same viscosity. At first they told me that it's 100% Oud oil. Then after several conversations they admitted that it's about 20% natural Oud oil and 80% carrier oil. They state it's imported from India. Price is $100 per ounce. I just don't trust that this is the real Oud, but more likely a blend of oils that smell great together. I also can't afford to spend that kind of money for an ounce. It's a retail store selling it and I am wanting to find something similar for less since an employee told me they get it for around $30 per ounce.

    I would like to blend something like this oil with other oils so I am looking for an Oud note on it's own. Meaning nothing that would have floral or fruity additions. Can you please help me find a much more affordable strong natural Oud type blend? I would really appreciate it.

    Also, if an Attar is the best choice for me. Are there any really good single note Oud oils out there? Are these inexpensive Attars mostly based on the synthetic fragrances oils or are they blends of other wood natural oils? I assume the synths from Firm. and Giv. have not been around for as long as the Attars?
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    If you are balking at $100 per ounce, oud may not be a fragrance you want to explore. Are you aware of the ballpark price for real oud? I can't think of a natural substitute and I have not heard good things about the synthetics. Decent oud will set you back $50 to $100 per gram these days.
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    I agree with you. Out of the many Ouds I have purchased and those I have sampled that were way out of my price range I believe I still have never smelled a true Agarwood oil. If I am lucky at best they have owned blends of other oils with some Agarwood plantation oil. My middle eastern friends remind me of this.

    So I am currently looking for a good Attar that would be a good Oud scent without any fruits or florals. Just a good Oud smell.
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