I might be switching to oils

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  1. PerfumeCollector
    For several years now I've been wearing some interesting Arabian oils from Al-Rehab, Al-Haramain, Swiss Arabian, Rasasi etc. and I've been impressed, they are unique, different, excellent oils that last all day and in general I get compliments when wearing them.

    It came to my attention that some of the regular perfumes from prestigious houses are been copied by american perfumed oils manufacturers and the price is very convenient.

    I was very suspicious on their quality and thought that they will be just a poor copy of the original perfume but I was curious and decided to give them a try:
    As I run out of Armani Code, I ordered 1 oz of "Armani Code Type" oil not expecting much out of it, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.
    First, it smelled EXACTLY as the Armani Code perfume and was not just a cheap bad copy of the original.
    Second, just a couple of dabs in the "pulsing points" was enough for a more than just decent sillage.
    Third, it lasted all day, even next day when I woke up I could still smell it..
    And the most important thing is the prize, one ounce of the oil, which will last me more than a whole bottle (2.5 oz) of perfume, cost me less than 5 dollars compared with the 70-80 dollars for the perfume.

    One drawback: The oil is more linear than the perfume, it doesn't develop from opening to heart to drydown, but on the other side, you get all the notes at the same time from start to finish. There are some development with the opening notes a tad more pronounced at the beginning while you get a little more of the basenotes at the drydown.

    Since then I've ordered MontBlanc Legend, Joop! and Polo Double Black and I have not been disappointed yet.

    All the most well known "powerhouses" like One Man Show, Giorgio BH, Lapidus pH, Jacomo de Jacomo, Sung Homme, Quorum, etc. are available.
    Some long discountinued fragrances are also available as oils.

    I just made another order with several "copy" oils and I'll let you know how they turn out.
    Anybody out there also experimenting with "copycat" oils?
  2. Scent-e-mental
    These sound very interesting. I wonder if they would be more acceptable to post overseas (legal to post) as the restrictions on ethanol based materials mean I sometimes cannot obtain fragrances from overseas. The linearity is not a problem for me, as with many people (I suspect) I like the start of a perfume best anyway.
  3. PerfumeCollector
    I am pretty sure they can mail overseas, and as you say, they have no alcohol, so there are no restrictions on them.
    I.ve tried different suppliers already, and the one I like best is this one:


    The ounce sells for 2.99 USD, but if you get 3 or more they only charge 2.79. and that should last more than a 3.7 oz. alcohol base perfume.
    Give them a try and let me know.
  4. Scent-e-mental
    Checked them out: postage is too high... over $31 for 6 1oz bottles. Oh well...
  5. PerfumeCollector
    Still is a good deal, just do the math:

    6 oz @ 2.79 a piece. = 16.74
    Shipping................. = +31.00
    Total......................... = 47.74

    47.74/6 = 7.95 USD a piece, shipping included.

    In ebay they are offering 1/3 oz of imitation oils @ 14.99 each, check this out:


    You get three times more oil for half the price.

    I don't see how you could lose.

    Are you the "Scentemental" in Profumo?
  6. PerfumeCollector
    Another plus of the availability of oils is that you may get oils of discontinued fragrances that are not available at any prize, or too expensive. For instance I got 1 oz of "Drakkar" (Not Drakkar Noir) which you cannot get anywhere for any price, and 1 oz of "D&G By" which is listed for 100 bucks in ebay.
    I do not know how true they are from the original, but it gives me the chance of at least get a glimpse of what those perfumes smelled like.
  7. Scent-e-mental
    It is academic really: i have made a new year's resolution not to buy any more colognes for myself (though gifts from family and friends are okay). My last purchases were a 10oz 4711 and a bottle of Lomani Spirit Millionaire for $12... on December 31. My family bought me a bottle of Eau Des Baux by L'occitane en Provence. However, I really like the idea of the oils and being able to buy the discontinued fragrances.I have made perfume oils before and really like them and the fact you can really boost the aroma chemical concentration since they usually are applied by roller. Maybe sometime in the future...

    I am the Scentemental on Parfumo, when choosing a user name it wouldn't let me do the dashes. I like the ease with which you can review fragrances on that site.
  8. PerfumeCollector
    I am Pcollector in Profumo, it wouldn't let me use PerfumeCollector because of its length.
    Obviously they put restrictions on choosing your name.
  9. bigsteve
    PC... you got me very interested too. So I have ordered 5 oils from the link you provided (bodyoils4less). All fragrances that I like, but found the actual edc/edt versions had poor longevity. Am also anxious to see how true the scent is to the real colognes.
    I ordered 1/3 oz roll ons of AdG, Michael Kors for Men, Bvlgari MAN, CK Encounter, and Quorum (yes... I don't get great longevity with Quorum). A couple of the others I get like 1 hour longevity.
    This will be a cool experiment. And it's only $16 with shipping!
  10. PerfumeCollector
    Bigsteve, I discovered that both "wellingtonfragrances.com", "exoticfragrances.com" and "thearomastore.com" are much better than bodyoils4less. They are slightly more expensive, but they last much, much longer and the quality is better. Actually I experimented with several oil makers and still trying new sellers. The Fragrance Shop seems great but their oils sell for 144 bucks, and I think that this price is too much.
    I got Drakkar (the father of Drakkar Noir)from bodyoils4less, and since there is no chance in hell I could get a bottle of the original, at least gave me the opportunity of trying something I couldn't otherwise. So I am getting mainly discontinued fragrances, like Drakkar, or fragrances that are so expensive that I rather try them in oil first like Carnal Flower or Spice and Wood.
    Anyway, keep on experimenting. If you are disappointed with bodyoils4less do not get discouraged, there are plenty of other oils around.
    One that I would highly recommend is Million by Al-Haramain, it is available in Amazon for about 9 bucks the 15 mL, that one lasts all day long and it is extraordinary.
    Try layering the oil with the actual fragrance, get a base of the oil and then spray the fragrance on top. I have done so with Armani Code and it works great.
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