bijan man

  1. absynthium
    i would like somebody could tell me hot to distinguish a vintage bottle of bijan man i saw many on ebay but i cant see any differences

  2. Andrewthecologneguy
    There are a few 'vintage' Bijan Men out there.

    Here is what you need to know:

    White and yellow lettering on a dark blue box is vintage
    A box that unfolds like a flower is vintage
    Any box that does NOT say MEN to the right of the J in Bijan stylized across the box is vintage.
    The original bottle looks like a lower case b and not the ring that is common today. That one is def vintage but rare.
    If you love the scent and want a nuclear version, then get 'by appointment' which is a dark brown liquid. It is like a pure perfume version.
  3. absynthium
    thanks so much
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