The Spotlight is On: MARBERT MAN

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  1. Francolino
    Leather and Clove.. extremely retro feeling this one has to be on your hitlist!

    also a bang for the buck..!

    p.s. This is no PR trolling!
  2. Slayerized
    Tried it many times in Germany and as said in other thread I did not like it (current formulation that is!) enough to buy it as it is too sharp/spicy/clovy in a way that did not suit me that well.
    Kouros over this any time always!
  3. mdclx
    IMO vintage Marbert Man it's a great powerhouse scent!

    I also own the after shave, that's wonderful.

    A must have in any powerhouse collection.
  4. Slayerized
    If it is regarding vintage vs modern like Kouros I can imagine the vintage being a gem but the current version of Marbert Man just didn't do it for me to spend like €25 on a 50ml bottle.
  5. Slayerized
    I just could get hold of the original vintage Marbert Man (a bottle from the end 70's) and still half full.
    I payed only €5 for it and hope the juice is still ok. Will tell my findings in this thread about this version when I received and tested it!

    I also got a half full bottle of Portos by Balenciaga and a third full bottle of Bogart Signature (1975) in the original 1975 version!!

    The bottle I am going to get is not to be found on google images but looks like this: Mind that the letters are black!

    The Bogart looks like this and is also not to be found on google images (as far as I know)

    And here the Portos by Balenciaga:
    'Niet voor verkoop' is Dutch for 'Not for sale'

  6. mdclx


    Very nice finds!

    Enjoy and tell us your thoughts
  7. mdclx
    Very nice bottles, all of them look very old and probably the first editions.

    I have a bottle of Marbert Man equal to what appears in the picture and it smells divine!
  8. Slayerized
    Yeah, I think so as well...............
    How would you describe your Marbert Man and is there anything you would compare it to?
  9. mdclx

    Marbert Man it's a uber-masculine powerhouse and a true fragance from the late 70's!

    This is a very dark, strong and leather scent, full of herbs and patchouli...

    I really love this scent (vintage).

    Brut by fabergé is similar but Marbert man it's more dirty, vintage Aramis too.

    Sometimes when I wear vintage Quorum I notice some notes in common.
  10. Slayerized
    Brut, Aramis and Quorum are all fragrances I like but don't love (I own all three).
    Sounds also a little like Bel Ami vintage maybe?! Also one I liked but did not love. I can't go wrong any way for what I payed for it.
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