new niche perfume store in Dublin - Parfumarija

  1. galwaygirl001
    Parfumarija, 25 Westbury Shopping Mall, Dublin 2. +353 1 6710255

    Has anyone visited? What do you think?
  2. stevodubai
    Parfumarija is a lovely little niche boutique. You won't find high street brands there but rather many small producers from around the world and a fantastic range. Like it or not, it's a store for those who adore parfum or want a very very special gift. Marija is a charming and profesional proprietor. You'll not regret making the journey.
  3. j_mysscent
    Wow, great news! I must visit soon! not too far away from my work!
  4. galwaygirl001
    Hoping to visit on Tuesday - I can see from their Facebook page they have Malle, etat libre, heeley, MDCI, histories de parfums and some niche brands I haven't heard of...very excited :-)
  5. j_mysscent
    galwaygirl001: Did you actually go? I went. It was a really lovely place. I am pleasantly surprised. They have Malle, MDCI, HdP, The Different Company, ELDO and many more. The SA is a quite knowledgeable as well.
  6. galwaygirl001
    Yes I did visit J_mysscent. I was pleasantly surprised too! I recognised the SA as one of our own - a fellow perfumista & basenoter - from his YouTube videos fumerie hiliare. Such a lovely guy who is clearly into perfumes personally. You don't meet many perfumistas in Ireland so it is always fun when you do!
  7. j_mysscent
    galwaygirl001: So the owner is a guy? fumerie hiliare on youtube? I must check it out. Did not meet him though, I met a lovely European girl. Maybe we should organize a meet-up to visit Parfumarija?
  8. galwaygirl001
    She is the owner. He is working there part time I think. She was away the day I visited. A meet up would be a lovely idea!
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