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  1. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    I tried Kahili sample from OudImpressions today,very nice Creamy Mysore sandalwood i believe with a pretty nice Hindi Oud oil.
    There is also a Lotus kinda Champa sweetness in the background that is not over the top. from start to finish its a great wear and lasts awhile too.This blend is very nice and hope its offered soon so others can try. Tried Tabac also which is very nice too cant really give a review on it yet i need to give another wearing. I did like it very very much so but cant figure out some of the other ingredients,but they are very nice indeed. 2 very well blended oils and all natural too.
    I would recommend to try both of these. once their up on the site.
  2. AMAR_420
    I want to try some maybe aswell, but I don't understand the site and some descriptions of attars I can't find.
  3. bigbloke
    It is a difficult site to navigate and I've found emails don't get a response either. I'm hesitant to part with my cash when that happens.
  4. AMAR_420
    I see.
  5. Thomas S.
    Thomas S.
    Hi All,

    in the past,about one year ago, I have bought two oils from Oudiferous, the man behind oudimpressions.com. Both oils were high quality, and delivery was fast.
    One was the Hawaiían Sandalwood Ambergris, and the Heena Supreme.

    But it seems Oudiferous is right now slightly neglecting his site, so maybe one needs several attempts before getting a response.
    Also, on oudimpressions.com he announced reviews for several oils, such as Ensar´s Assam 3000, Port Moresby etc.
    None of these reviews have been posted yet (but as the saying goes, "Hope dies last").

    Thomas S.
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