Oud Impressions Kahili

  1. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    I tried Kahili sample from OudImpressions today,very nice Creamy Mysore sandalwood i believe with a pretty nice Hindi Oud oil.
    There is also a Lotus kinda Champa sweetness in the background that is not over the top. from start to finish its a great wear and lasts awhile too.This blend is very nice and hope its offered soon so others can try. Tried Tabac also which is very nice too cant really give a review on it yet i need to give another wearing. I did like it very very much so but cant figure out some of the other ingredients,but they are very nice indeed. 2 very well blended oils and all natural too.
    I would recommend to try both of these. once their up on the site.
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