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  1. scenttastic
    Hi all, I stumbled across this website while chasing after information on different perfumes, and I'm very glad I did - it's brilliant! I love trying new fragrances, and I've often thought how much fun it would be to mix and test new scents, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Being a total newbie, I'd really appreciate any information on anything related to sampling: where do you get your samples from, mixing, what do you mix with - the lot. Thanks in advance!
  2. Andrew_B.
    I began by purchasing samples from websites such as scentedmonkey and beautyencounter. But then that parfumsraffy site offered 50 unspecified samples for $50. So that was big. Then i met people online to decanted samples and sold them. And then there were samples other fragrance devotees sent me for free. And free samples in perfume stores. I spent about $900 on samples. Fun testing, but I must be very finicky because it led to very few purchases.
  3. Nosey49
    My recommendation:

    If you already know the notes you like, research on basenotes or Fragrantica to ID the fragrances that have these notes and might work for you. Conversely, if you know notes you don't like, avoid them. Once you have an idea what you like, go to or The Perfumed Court to locate samples. Both sites have fragrances listed by type and primary notes.

    Once I get an order of sampler, I place a small drop on one hand and wait for it to go through its development. This is important because a fragrance can change drastically over time. I've loved some fragrances for the first few hours only to be try to scrub them off later.

    Then, once you ID several samples you like. Apply like you would any fragrance and wear it for a day. You should easily be able to ID what you really like.
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