Conference championships

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  1. stuigi
    Peyton vs. Brady- WOW! Love it! I am not a fan of either team but Peyton and the Broncos should win.

    SF vs. Seattle- I look for an upset with the Niners prevailing.
  2. shadesofbleu
    I will be cheering for the Patriots and the 49ers this weekend. Both games should be great, as these probably are the best four teams this year.

    Related note, kalli have you seen the Beats commercial with Colin? I love it and that song is now my earworm!
  3. hednic
    Really looking forward to the Broncos Patriots game. Rooting for the Broncos. As for the other game, whoever wins is fine with me.
  4. shadesofbleu
    And the Pats go down ...
  5. hednic
    What an exciting finish and a well deserved victory for the Seakawks!
  6. Tony T
    The best offense vs. the best defense in New York!!
  7. kalli
    Very disgusted with the Seasocks and their fans. Sherman being the way he was just really lame, not only that but fans actually threw food at Bowman as he was being carted off the field when he tore his ACL. Horrible. Go Broncos.
  8. kalli
    I have seen that commercial, Shades. Too bad the man threw ints, oh well. Such a sad game, I didn't care about the SB much after that injury to Bowman, so devastating..and again, Seasocks/fans.. really..just distasteful.
  9. shadesofbleu
    Well I can't root for either team ... I'm just hoping hubby wins money again this year on his buy-a-square gambling game.
  10. stuigi
    I like the Broncos playing away from the 12th man.
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