Kit of Animal Scents

  1. JayH
    Can I ask what strength are the tinctures in the kit of animal scents? Are they meant as final strength to be worn as-is? I just got mine and the beeswax one, while one of the most incredible things I've ever smelled, is also pretty faint straight from the bottle which could make using it in a perfume difficult. Hyrax thus far seems similar. Do you have any stronger ones available? (Or is my nose betraying me?) They're all really intriguing but seem as though they'd be hard to use without drowning out.
  2. Profumo
    Dear JayH, the concentration varries from 1% (ambergris) to 5% (Hyraceum). They are meant to be used as perfumes themselves. There is more concentrate versions, I shall PM you about this.
  3. danieq
    These sound intriguing. Thanks for alerting us to their existence .
  4. Profumo
    Welcome. You can Always inquire about products by PM or by the site email.
  5. ScentFan
    wrong topic, sorry
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