MARBERT mens fragrances

  1. Paradeiserl
    The first question is in which countries there are MARBERT mens fragrances to buy.

    I mean especially these two scents:

    Latest bottle design

    and . . .

    latest bottle design

    Both Toilets are sold very cheap! Especially in Germany >> between 9,95 and 12,95 !
    Is it possible that these fragrances are no longer produced?

    Are these two fragrances real Powerhouse fragrances?

    Who uses and therefore knows these scents well?
  2. Slayerized
    I owned both of these as I bought them in Cologne (Germany) 3 years ago.
    I thought I liked them but actually I did not at all and sold them for the same price I bought them to a fellow Dutchy.
    They are still for sale over there as I saw them in Cologne last time I was there (few months ago) in Shoppingmall Galeria Kaufhof.

    You can also test them there to see if you like it or not. To me they were not soft but no powerhouses either.

    (Also in Dusseldorf they still sell these as I saw when I was there last Christmas)
  3. Paradeiserl
    Maybe both are better kown with old flacon design:

    and ...

  4. Slayerized
    I hope these older versions smell better than the ones posted in your first post as those reformulations, now for sale everywhere in Germany, are not good at all imo (as I said earlier).
  5. Scent-e-mental
    I have now Marbert homme, thanks to Paradeiserl! Straight away when I applied this I picked a similarity with One Man Show by Jacques Bogart. I believe it has been reformulated and probably had oakmoss in at one stage, but not anymore. It is a very dry Chypre and is crisper than the Bogart, but substantially weaker and does not last as long. That said, it is a pleasant fragrance and one that can be worn day or night all year round.
  6. Dimitrios
    well said scent-e-mental ...
    I have the vntage Marbert Homme & noticed the similiarities with OMS & spoke about it on threads , to my nose it also seems to have a Balenciaga like spicy sweetness coming up thru its base
    About what Slayerised says ...
    I agree 100% , get vintage wherever you can find it .
    I have a mini of Gentleman ( half round bottle ) & it outmuscles many newer frags ....... & its A/S !!!
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