Loman Pour Homme Vintage

  1. Boge
    I have always seen a few of the mini 0.5 oz. bottles on Ebay of the original Lomani PH that was 85% vol. alcohol as opposed to the current 80%. As well, the vintage is yellow & not blue. Curiosity finally won out so I bought a mini. I put a bit in a small sprayer and compared it to the current on either arm. If there is any difference you'd almost need a Bloodhound to tell. If anything the vintage is a just a frog hair more "tart" and that may well be from it being so old.

    I have never seen a large bottle of the vintage ever. IMO, this is one reform. they got right. Long live Lomani!!!!!.
  2. PerfumeCollector
    Weird, the 85% alcohol is more diluted than the 80%, so I would expect the 80% to be stronger.
  3. Boge
    I believe the inverse is correct with fragrances, hence the vintages almost always have a higher % of alcohol than the reforms.
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