Do you love the "new Antaeus"?

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  1. Francolino
    it's my free time fav and ended three bottles this winter already...and you?
  2. Boge
    I have a 1.7 oz. vintage splash and a new spray. The vintage's wonderful opening soon fades after 10 to 20 mins. and then they are essentially equal. In fact, the reform. version is more wearable today according to many.
  3. Slayerized
    I own the current formulation and love it! (never smelled the vintage though!)
  4. Derbyman
    Yeah, love it! Have never smelled the vintage but have the current EDT & shower gel. The shower gel pretty much qualifies as a powerhouse in its own right - it's fabulous stuff.
  5. PerfumeCollector
    I tried a tester in the duty free store in the Mexico City airport coming back home from Can Cun and I was impressed by it. It must have been the new version, and if this is this good, I cannot even imagine how good the original was. But on the other hand, sometimes reformulations are really good, for instance, I like the current Quorum (3rd version) over the original anytime.
  6. Paradeiserl
    Two weeks ago, I discovered in a Perfumery one of my favorite fragrance of 1980s - The burgundy / sour cherry red package of Chanel's Antaeus!
    But at the bottom of the shelf. Happy taken the tester and sprayed - and shocked!

    It's a total new mixture - there is nothing common with original version of 1981!

    Powerhouse fragrance user will love it, because it fits totally in this categorie.

    But for lover of original it's a no-no - - including myself

    I think many of the original ingredients have been omitted due to IFRA rules.
  7. Slayerized
    It surprised me that it shocked you as it is common knowledge that vintage Antaeus is a completely different animal than its reformulation as you can read in every thread about it!

    As much as I love the current formulation, to me it's no powerhouse at all (except first 10 mins maybe) but a nice smooth very masculine aroma that lingers on for like 6-8 hrs.
  8. Paradeiserl
    Well, Slayerized you wrote that you don't know the original version! So what!?

    The so-called "new Antaeus" should no longer allowed be called Antaeus!

    Not with the black flacon and not in the burgundy pack!

    The perfume should called Antaeus New - with a dark green or dark brown box.

    At the moment it's a a fraud - made for the generation today - who never smelt the original!

    It's the same problem like the discussion with Guerlain's Vetiver or Habit Rouge.

    The fragrance multis are too lazy to tell the customers the truth - nothing else!

    And if I wirte the stuff is no-no - so it's my own opinion - no matter if xx find the "new plörre" good!
  9. Slayerized
    Yes, so what?
    I read so much about it that I never would be shocked about its differences!................that's what I meant.
    Looks like u took this a little offensive...............plz come on!

    If this is fraud, then 80% of the Douglas or whatever perfume store is filled with
  10. pluran
    Current Antaeus is a loud fruity sweet thing, mildly powdery, nothing phenolic, bitter about it. Makes a fairly poor feminine at best. Can't imagine a guy wanting wear it. It's mostly unrecognizable. No. 19 is a pale version of itself through the top and heart notes. The drydown turns fruity sweet sort of like what makes up a lot of the current Antaeus. No. 19 used to be one of the driest, least sweet leathery animalic green chypres imaginable. Far more masculine than most masculines today. Not anymore. Cristalle has the same problem as No. 19. All of them are highly annoying and generic. Shouldn't be anything significantly sweet about any of these fragrances. Last time I tried the three of them was two months ago at Nordstrom.
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