Super Cambodi from Oudimentary

  1. change1
    Anyone tried Super Cambodi from Oudimentary? I want to blind buy this one. I have never purchased anything from oudimentary, so just trying to get some opinions first...
  2. tahasyed
    Its a very pleasant oud oil, absolutely no off notes. But I would actually recommend Super Thai for a couple reasons. Firstly, the aroma of the 2 oils is almost identical (Prachinbury Thai oud smell), which is clean, sweet, airy, a touch of damp tea leaves and a pinch of mineral-iness. Also, the Super Thai is much stronger and longer lasting.
    With both oils, you won't be offending anyone.

    Hope that helps!
  3. change1
    Thanks for the response tahasyed... i will consider the super thai too... but probably can afford only one...
  4. tahasyed
    No problem! Well, if you're just getting one I'd recommend Super Thai.
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