Rutland Osprey Webcam

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  1. lpp
    Live streaming webcam.

    The first returnee was spotted yesterday.

  2. rowan-
    Thanks lpp - fab news! Can't seem to get a signal on the live stream at the mo (or maybe it's dark?), but will have to try again.
  3. lpp
    It should be fun =, rowan - it's a beautiful place there!

    And yes, it's dark - we should be altering the clocks here soon, so that will help.
  4. rowan-
    But of course! I've been spoilt rotten by all the infrared cams.
    I wonder how the Estonian and Latvian ospreys are doing.
  5. lpp
    Will have to check them out too - spring is definitely here now & there are many little birdies rushing around picking up nesting materials.
  6. rowan-


    Looks like there's already been some drama at the nest - cheeky young female trying to steal the incumbent's nest and fish:

  7. lpp
    Thanks, rowan - will try to catch them tomorrow - Ospreys do seem to be very inventive birds!
  8. rowan-
    Looks like the incumbent male hasn't returned. Here's a new one, 28(10), trying to make himself at home but getting blown about in a rather undignified way (and then casting a furtive glance at the camera as if to see if anyone was watching...)

  9. lpp
    Brilliant clip, thanks rowan
  10. rowan-
    Wow - the Manton Bay female - now known as Maya - has not only accepted a new mate after her long-time partner failed to return, she laid her first egg just three days after that!

    Here's the new mate, 28(10), trying to figure out what to do with the egg:

    He's since learnt to incubate it.
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