Jasper Conran Mister (2007)

  1. Derbyman
    Woody, aromatic fragrance for men launched in 2007.

    Top notes: Pelargonium, Basil, Artemisia

    Middle notes: Tonka bean, Patchouli, Wood Notes

    Base notes: Musk, Tobacco

    First thing that struck me about this was that it smells very close to Cuba Red - same dry, unburnt cigarette tobacco smell underpinned with patchouli but the difference is depth. Whereas Cuba Red smells bright, spicy and dry Mister smells deep, boozy and rich. Go heavy with this (especially in warm weather) and you'll have problems! I first tried this in the height of summer and found it sticky, cloying and unpleasant - I couldn't wait to wash it off. Applied more sensibly (ahem..!) and worn on cooler days it smells AMAZING! Warm, woody, boozy tobacco and patchouli - what's not to like? Not easy to find these days but well worth hunting down. If you like Aramis Havana, Cuba Red or Gucci PHI you'll probably love this...!
  2. Hordak
    I really like this, derbyman. This was a blind buy for me. The notes posted on fragrantica seemed interesting and the cubic flacon got my attention. Fine, daily wearable scent. Reminds of Cigar by Remy Latour.

  3. Derbyman
    Hi Hordak - glad you like it! I got off to a really bad start with this. I sprayed quite a few sprays on my arm from a tester in a department store on a hot, sticky day (rare in these parts..!). I was already quite hot and uncomfortable and this made the scent project like crazy and I found it very unpleasant. When I bought Cuba Red it brought to mind the smell of Conran Mister but was more subdued so I grew to like it. However, I tried a sample of Mister again a few years later and the bad associations had gone....phew!

    I still prefer it as a winter / cold weather fragrance but I really like it now. It's very deep and smells boozy and woody. The 100ml bottle I have should last a lifetime!
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