Madis and Piret (Estonia)

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  1. rowan-
    Madis is back...

    ... and, as of 17th April, so is Piret!

    Pictures by user Bea on Looduskalender

    Remember that this was last year's soap opera nest - Madis took a new mate before Piret returned; the new female, Oxana, lay just one egg before Piret returned to give the couple hell. Oxana went away, the egg never hatched, and Madis and Piret were spotted together through the summer before they migrated. What will this year bring?

    Cam links

    rtsp:// (for iPad)
    rtsp:// (for Android)
  2. lpp
    I missed all of that, but remember that they're lovely nests to watch - thanks for posting, rowan
  3. rowan-
    Found one of my pics from last year - Oxana dive-bombing Piret:

  4. lpp
    Well done, rowan - the sunsets are lovely there as well.
  5. rowan-
    I just noticed the date on that screencap - April 5. They're a bit late this year, aren't they?
  6. lpp
    Maybe the weather's been less helpful this year?
    I wonder how close their returns are on average.
  7. Genie Jeanie
    Genie Jeanie
    This was by far my favorite nest to watch last year. Good to see some activity starting again!
  8. rowan-
    Genie Jeanie & anyone else who watched the Madis-Piret-Oxana nest last year - there's a similarly compelling drama unfolding at the Dyfi nest as we speak - female returns late; male accepts a new mate, female won't let go of him (or the nest - or her breeding chances) without a fight... the summary thus far:

    BN group thread here:

    Folks elsewhere have pointed out the similarities with the Madis-Piret-Oxana story.
    Something to watch while we wait for Madis & friends to get started!
  9. rowan-
    Piret is back!

    Picture by user Bea on Looduskalender

    Now where has Madis gone?
  10. lpp
    Good shot, rowan!
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