Ilmar and Irma (Estonia)

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  1. rowan-
    Ilmar is back!

    Picture by user Bea on Looduskalender

    ... and, as of 24th April, so is Irma!

    Picture by user Starling on Looduskalender

    The next few days are going to be pretty wild, as she takes on the very large and well-fed female that has been making herself at home with Ilmar during her absence.

    Cam links (for iOS)
    rtsp:// (for Android/VLC)
  2. lpp
    Thanks, rowan - the trees are so lovely there as well.
  3. rowan-
    ^ Aren't they! The Estonia nests always make me want to wear Norne - especially when they're covered in snow earlier on.
    There - back on topic.
  4. lpp
    Good point - must find the Norne
  5. rowan-
    Ilmar is back!
    Picture and video by user Bea on Looduskalender

    Looks like all the Estonian ospreys are finally arriving home - and now for Irma!
  6. lpp
    Hope this year is good for them.
  7. lpp
  8. rowan-
    Thanks, lpp! The plot thickens - Ilmar (black ring, AF) is there but the other bird isn't Irma (black ring, U5).

    This new female is unringed and has very dark colouring.

  9. lpp
    There seems to be a lot of swapping going on!
  10. rowan-
    Completely unrelated to birds, but this is the perfect picture of Norne:

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