Victorinox Swiss Army Forest

  1. MonkeyBars
    Anyone tried it?
  2. odysseusm
    Hello MonkeyBars. Interesting question. I have not tried it, but will add it to my watch list. The name sounds nice, though I don't have high hopes for the company. Have you tried La Base for Him by Magic Hevetia? There is a true-blue Swiss herbal-pine scent. Hard to find, but I like it.
  3. MonkeyBars
    Nope, haven't tried it! Wonder where I could find it.
  4. odysseusm
    It seems to be very obscure now. I think I got mine at Luckyscent but it looks like they don't carry it anymore. I googled Magic Helvetia La Base for Him and there was some information about the product, including an email link.
  5. awayalonealong
    Hi MonkeyBars and odysseusm,
    I hunted down a bottle several years ago and, knowing I could not use it up, sold all but 10mL. Happily, I can point you right to one of the buyers who has it up on his Crystal Flacon site. Archerfire (CF name) is a great guy. Here's the URL: Good luck! tim
  6. The_Cologneist
    Hey guys, just thought I'd give my 2 scents on this. Not many have tried it. I recently blind bought it, and I do regret it, because the dry down is really really bad.

    So it opens up with a fresh invigorating burst of pine backed by a lot of lemon, really nice, very fresh, unfortunately it's gone within 5 minutes. as I can smell it starting to get powdery, it goes down a road I do not wish to go on. It ends up smelling like a diaper. That's the best way I can put it. If you have ever smelled the original Kanon, the dry down is almost the same as how Kanon smells.

    Some people might like Kanon, I don't. I was expecting a nice long pine based dry down, but that's not what I got, instead a short pine/lemon opening, with a horrible dry down. Unless you buy fragrances just for their top notes, take my advice and avoid this one. the dry down starts at the 5 minutes mark, and goes on for 4 hours, it sucks!
  7. odysseusm
    Thanks for the notes. I was in a Victorinox shop and sniffed it. Smelled rather cheap and shallow -- nothing I would recommend.
  8. MonkeyBars
    Kanon is one of the worst, most synthetic "wood" frags I have ever had the displeasure of sniffing, so I'll certainly be avoiding this trainwreck. Thanks guys!
  9. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    I smelled this stuff around Christmas time in Kohl's. I also thought it was terrible. Pine-less, and cheap smelling. Not a temptation for me in the least.
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