Jacome De Jacomo , the current juice ?

  1. Dimitrios
    Hello guys
    Im fallen for this frag late in life .
    im enjoying me decant very very much but unfortunately i do not know & either did the swapper if its current or vintage .
    Do any of you know if the bottles available now are as good as the vintage ?
    Or have any of you tried both ?

  2. Swanky
    I'm not sure which vintage my rendition is. My bottle is black with a tip-back lighter-style silver cap. It is very, very smoky. I love it.
  3. Derbyman
    Hey Dimitrios

    I've got a bottle of what I believe to be the vintage version (like the one below):

    I've not smelled the current version (with the cigarette lighter-style flip top) but the vintage is great - very clove-y and smoky in the drydown.

    This thread might help make things clearer:

  4. Dimitrios
    thanks Derbyman ,,, its to good of a frag to ignore !!
    thanks for the pics & link
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