What are you drinking?

  1. Rictor07
    Going to be enjoying some Eagle Rare Bourbon after work today.
  2. The_Scentinel
    Group seems a little... quiet. But my current favourite dram is Aberlour A'bunadh. Christmas pudding in a glass.
  3. Ken_Russell
    Jim Beam White over the last few days, may taste an Aberlour 10 as soon as the ordered bottle arrives
  4. Ken_Russell
    Glen Moray Classic for me this evening
  5. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    Now that the temperatures here are not of the "Look dude! The water in your glass is boiling!" kind anymore, a dram of Isle of Jura's Superstition does the trick everytime... By the way, what's your batch The_Scentinel? I have a #20, but I don't dare open it, as I prefer to feast my eyes on it rather than my taste buds...
  6. Ken_Russell
    Aberlour 10
  7. Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter
    I have two open bottles of bourbon which are Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey 101 for in the week. I also have a bottle of Buffalo Trace and some scotch called Balvenie Double Wood for a rainy day.
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