What are you drinking?

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  1. Rictor07
    Going to be enjoying some Eagle Rare Bourbon after work today.
  2. The_Scentinel
    Group seems a little... quiet. But my current favourite dram is Aberlour A'bunadh. Christmas pudding in a glass.
  3. Ken_Russell
    Jim Beam White over the last few days, may taste an Aberlour 10 as soon as the ordered bottle arrives
  4. Ken_Russell
    Glen Moray Classic for me this evening
  5. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    Now that the temperatures here are not of the "Look dude! The water in your glass is boiling!" kind anymore, a dram of Isle of Jura's Superstition does the trick everytime... By the way, what's your batch The_Scentinel? I have a #20, but I don't dare open it, as I prefer to feast my eyes on it rather than my taste buds...
  6. Ken_Russell
    Aberlour 10
  7. Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter
    I have two open bottles of bourbon which are Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey 101 for in the week. I also have a bottle of Buffalo Trace and some scotch called Balvenie Double Wood for a rainy day.
  8. Ken_Russell
    Laphroaig 10 for me today
  9. Le_Coeur_Gothique
    So Ken_Russel, I suppose that along with October, there comes smoke... Thanks for reminding me. Think I'll pour me some BenRiach Curiositas now.
  10. Ken_Russell
    Sorry for posting the reply only now. Yes, was really pleasantly surprised by this single malt and would consider drinking it not just in cold weather, but oddly even during cooler summer evenings (with no ice, perhaps some mineral water on the side).
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