Chicks hatching in Hog Island, Maine!

  1. Genie Jeanie
    Genie Jeanie
    There are three eggs in the nest this year vs the two from last year. Two have recently hatched & the watch is on for #3!!

    (This is the one that's right on the water.)
  2. lpp
    Thanks, Genie Jeanie - the action's started now
  3. Genie Jeanie
    Genie Jeanie
  4. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
  5. rowan-
    Aw - both parents feeding the chicks at the same time.

  6. lpp
    Thanks, rowan, lucky chicks!
  7. Genie Jeanie
    Genie Jeanie
    Great pics rowan! The chicks look to be quickly gaining strength. Yesterday they couldn't hold their little heads up to feed without toppling over!
  8. rowan-
    Thanks Genie Jeanie!

    And then there were three:

  9. rowan-
    Feeding time!

    Making sure the youngest one has its fill - its neck must still be very weak:

  10. lpp
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