Mazzolari Lui

  1. Francolino
    how many of you "powerfreaks" enjoy this born too late powerhouse???
  2. Ciprian
    Well ,I couldn't handle it. As much as I tried . Sorry
  3. Derbyman
    I'd love to smell it - shamu once described it thus:

    I can never seem to shut up about Mazzolari Lui. It's my favorite fragrance. Although it's an expensive niche fragrance, I cannot imagine anyone denying that this is a true blue powerhouse. This is a blazing, dirty, patchouli-fueled amber oriental that will knock you over. It has a very strong animalic smell, almost fecal, that wraps around the patchouli and amber, and I get a good 14 hours of longevity out of this at least. Think Kouros and old Givenchy Gentleman mixed together, and most of the floral notes and sweetness removed. Mazzolari Lui has attitude and swagger in spades. Fragrances simply do not get any more bold and masculine than this.

    Always wanted to try it since reading this...!
  4. Rubirosa
    Mazzolari Lui is probably the best masculine patchouli and leather in production even though it's quite linear, amber and musk softens it up, the "barnyard" (not fecal) notes are mostly in the top notes. Lui is not sharp or pungent to my nose, but rather soft, inviting and erotic - at the same time being very powerful and assertive. I think it's very wearable, maybe not a every day kind of scent, and you should be wearing at least smart casual attire to "balance up" the brutal masculinity of Lui. If you like patchouli this is a must, one of the very very few niche scents that can be described as pure "old school".
  5. Francolino
    totally agree with Rubirosa, a born too late powerhouse! Guess it has niche status since it has not great distribution, bought at the eponymous shop it costs only 78 euros and it is good quality, only to show that you don't need high prices for good scents and how lots of rubbish is overpriced!
  6. Roky
    Late at the party. When I'm in a musk mood I'm taking a bath in Jovan and have just a spray of Lui on the chest. Great.
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