Best Jacques Bogart Perfume

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  1. tropicalstorm
    Hello everybody!

    I don't know if this has been discussed before on here... (If it has been, could somebody please point me to the right place).
    My question is: Which, in your opinion is the best Jacques Bogart perfume? Please also consider his lesser known creations like Force Majeure, City tower, OMS (gold and ruby editions) etc.

  2. PerfumeCollector
    Witness is the best Bogart perfume to me, unfortunately it has been discontinued.
  3. Derbyman
    Hi tropicalstorm - welcome to the Powerhouse Group! I've managed to get my hands on quite a few of Bogart's releases - they're pretty popular on here as you'll see from the discussions below:

    Here's my own rundown:

    One Man Show - Fresh, almost grey/metallic smelling with a prominent pine note - 12hrs+ longevity

    One Man Show Gold & Ruby Editions - These bear no relation to the original - they quite similar, both quite sweet and whereas the Gold has a prominent honey/civet accord the Ruby has Oud (Agarwood) in its composition - both SUPER strong - last until washed off!

    Bogart Signature (Original) - Old school style fragrance - bold leather - bracing and herbal - 8hrs+ longevity from the current version.

    Witness - Dry, spicy, warm and luxurious. PC claims it to be the best and he may well be right!! It's certainly the most well blended and has an awesome, halo-like quality - a spicy glow!

    Bogart Pour Homme - Think Cherry Tobacco from an old-fashioned tobacconist shop. Quite sweet at first then smoooooth tobacco - very rich and ridiculously powerful - one spray and you're good all day - more than two sprays and you're a biohazard...!

    Force Majeure - The only one I've bought and sold quite quickly - wasn't impressed at all. Fresh and modern smelling but, to my nose, very generic. Smelled like a lot of semi-sweet modern men's fragrances from the past few years.

    Furyo - This is an odd one! Medicinal in its opening then heavy incense - VERY similar to Nag Champa incense if you're familiar with it. I very rarely wear this unless I want to smell like a walking head-shop!! It's a great fragrance from a composition point of view - very different and develops well but strange to wear I find.

    The rest I've only sampled - I'm sure someone will tell you about City Tower, Silver Scent, Arabian Nights et al.

    If I was only going to own 3 they would be One Man Show, Bogart Pour Homme & Witness

    Hope this helps!
  4. Virtue&Sin
    To me would be a tie in between Bogart Signature and One Man Show Gold.
  5. Slayerized
    I think Witness is the best by Bogart but I wear Bogart pour homme the most (almost emptied my 100ml bottle I got since 2010!/ but I use more than two sprays Derby, lol).

    Instead of OMS I prefer Krizia Uomo (vintage) which is imo a much more pleasant and better blended pine fragrance and also almost strong enough to be a powerhouse.

    Bogart signature is also very good if you like mossy-citrus, old school frags!
  6. tropicalstorm
    Thank you for the wishes Derbyman... and for the threads... the Nag Champa comparison is interesting. And thanks to all others for their recommendations.
  7. Scent-e-mental
    I have Witness, One Man Show, OMS Gold and Pour Homme. They are all excellent fragrances, but Witness and One Man Show are my favs. About 2 or 3 years ago you could get 2 x 50ml splash bottles of Witness for $10 on ebay, but sadly the prices now are getting pretty high. One Man Show punches well above its weight and is perhaps the best value powerhouse out there, as you can get bottles in the $10 to $20 range easily.
  8. Swanky
    Great breakdown by Derbyman. My votes go to Bogart (Signature) and Witness.
  9. Rubirosa
    My vote also goes to Witness!
  10. mdclx
    Furyo, Witness and Bogart pour Homme
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