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  1. tropicalstorm
    If an evil witch cast a spell on you and you'd be left with just three perfumes to wear for the rest of your lives, which ones would they be?
  2. Slayerized

    - Dolce & Gabbana pour homme (vintage)
    - Paco Rabanne pour homme (vintage)
    - Kouros (any but current version!)

    They are all three pretty daring, bold and never bore me.


    - MPG: Santal Noble (current or vintage)
    - Amouage: Jubilation XXV
    - Annick Goutal: Ambre Fetiche

    As all three are masterpieces imo and never let me down!
  3. Derbyman
    Blimey! That's a scary thought tropicalstorm...! Let me think about this...

    1. Puig Quorum - oldest favourite
    2. Guerlain Habit Rouge - the one that got me into this 'hobby'
    3. Bond No.9 Fire Island - instant summer in a bottle and something completely different from the 2 above

    Thanks tropicalstorm - that was quite traumatic....!

    Can I have all the others back now?
  4. Ciprian
    Hard to decide....

    Vintage Pasha
    Vintage Xeryus
  5. Rubirosa

    VC&A - Pour Homme
    Lagerfeld - KL
    Fendi - Uomo


    Amouage - Epic Man
    Bond No 9 - HOT Always
    Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather
  6. tropicalstorm
    Everybody thanks for sharing Derbyman thanks for that brilliant post and for telling us why you love the ones you do!)

    My turn now...OK here goes: I share a favourite with Slayerized (Paco Rabanne PH) and I agree the vintage is in a different league altogether but I concede if the evil witch puts a lid on the vintage I'll make do with the present formulation

    I share Quorum with Derbyman and yes, it's been my favourite since 1982 when I was a kid and dad used to wear it (I'm forty, BTW). Quorum is, in fact, the first perfume I have worn.

    The third, for me has to be Azzaro PH. I still am a big fan of it's opening, even though I realise that by the time it reaches drydown my Ferrari becomes a jalopy !

  7. Derbyman
    Cheers tropicalstorm - good choices too! I love Paco Rabanne (from 1973 - the year I was born) and had to choose Quorum over it just because, like yourself, it was the first perfume I ever wore. Azzaro PH is a favourite too - i can't imagine it ever going out of production - it's a classic and smells wonderful - so distinctive.
  8. lomerlaw
    This is a fascinating theoretical question, but one with practical considerations: if I am traveling for a month, which scents do I bring along to provide sufficient variety? My three choices represent an attempt at including representative fragrances from across the spectrum. Not necessarily my "top three".

    1. Quorum by Puig. My choice for a green, woodsy-earthy experience. Consistently good through various iterations.

    2. Be Bop by Kesling. A rich, herbal-spicy concoction with outstanding sillage and longevity.

    3. Ho Hang Club by Balenciaga. Going in yet another direction, this is my lightweight floral counterpoint to the first two.
  9. PerfumeCollector
    I would not like go on living if the conditions are just 3 perfumes for the rest of my life.
    I could do it for a couple of weeks. Like lomerlaw, I'll be going away for vacations (to Costa Rica) at the end of July and I will take one bottle of Quorum, one of Halston 1-12 and one of Krizia Uomo.
    I hope that answers your question.
    If I had room in my luggage for another bottle, I would take Giorgio of BH.
  10. tropicalstorm
    Amazes me at how much respect Quorum still commands! I've loved all your responses. Thanks very much.
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