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  1. Petrichor
    Hi y'all:

    I've been going through a powerhouse phase for about a year (but don't quite have the confidence to pull many of them off outside the house, to be honest). I have and love all the usual suspects: Quorum, Giorgio BH, Kouros, VC&A PH, and so on. Anyway, I have a few questions that I'll finally ask in the hope for some feedback. They are:

    1. I love Lapidus PH. I love Kouros. They're often mentioned together in the same sentence. I just don't understand it--Kouros is an intense clean/dirty musk, and Lapidus PH is a fruit/honey/patchouli bombshell. What is the connection besides a common animalism (pronounced in Kouros, and much less so in LPH (honey) to my nose)? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love both. But I just don't get the family resemblance that everyone else seems to see (except me). Is it just because they're both forceful and from the 80s? Is my LPH a reformulation issue?

    2. Never smelled Balenciaga. In your opinion, how close really is it to Kouros and LPH? Really worth $25 for an ounce if I love the other two? Balenciaga seems to be disappearing fast, and I'm feeling pressure to get it while I can.

    3. Not too sure if y'all consider it a powerhouse, but I smelled the (overpriced) "La Collection" version of YSL Pour Homme. I liked it, but not for over $100. I decided to go with the old one (1971), red cap, 3.4 oz recently for half that price. The "La Collection" (I think--this is all from memory) struck me as an old school chypre. The red cap older version version of YSL Pour Homme is a dirty/herbal lemon with no chypre in sight (though still has oak moss listed, at least). Are these simply two different fragrances with the same name?

    4. I bought Oscar Pour Lui and Gianfranco Ferre PH after a while of stalking this user group. Absolutely love both of them. But how exactly are these powerhouses other than by their era? They are so smooth, so refined, and (at least current formulations) relatively quiet and well-behaved. Is this another reformulation issue? They seem miles apart from Giorgio, Kouros, Lapidus, Quorem, Azzaro, One Man Show, Aramis, Krizia, Antaeus, etc. What's my problem here?

    Sorry if ya'll have trod through all this ground before. Thanks for putting up with a long post, but I am really looking for some knowledgable feedback on these issues. Please feel free to answer any or all or these questions. Many thanks and much appreciated!
  2. PerfumeCollector
    Welcome in the group Petrichor.

    About your inquires:

    1. I love Lapidus PH. I love Kouros. I love Lapidus pH and like Kouros, and I don't see any similarities among them besides the powerhouse aspect that they both share. Two completely different fragrances but both with nuclear sillage and longevity.

    2. Never smelled Balenciaga.Balenciaga is a great fragrance indeed, but it reached the prize zone in which is not worth purchasing it anymore, and if you try, the chances of getting a fake is great.

    3."La Collection" version of YSL Pour Homme.Never smelled it in my life, and I am not a great fan of YSL pH either.

    4. Oscar Pour Lui and Gianfranco Ferre PH You are absolutely right, they are so smooth, so refined, and (at least current formulations) relatively quiet and well-behaved. They seem miles apart from Giorgio, Kouros, Lapidus, Quoruem, Azzaro, One Man Show, Aramis, Krizia, Antaeus, etc, but they still fall in the powerhouse category. No problems here.
  3. Petrichor
    Thanks so much, PerfumeCollector (by the way, yours was one of the reviews that made me take the plunge and try Dali Pour Homme! Glad I did! I really love that one too. I owe ya for that one--haha).

    Thanks for your feedback on the Lapidus and Kouros thing.

    I may end up just going for a mini of Balenciaga from Fragrancenet (like 8 bucks, and chance of a fake is pretty low from them). I think I just really need to smell it for myself.

    I don't think I'm much of a fan of the older YSL PH either right now. Hope it grows on me. Maybe someone else will know the comparison with the "La Collection" stuff.

    Also I'm happy that I'm not way off on my feelings about Oscar Pour Lui & the Gianfranco Ferre--I'd have no problem venturing anywhere wearing those two.

    Many thanks again--
  4. Slayerized
    Welcome Petrichor!

    I agree with all PC said, with only a few (minor) differences:

    - I love Kouros and I like Lapidus pour homme. Both are nothing alike indeed but are nuclear on projection and longevity (especially real vintage Kouros!)

    - Never smelled the Balenciaga either but I am sure the 30ml's are no fake! Here you can still buy them at a online store but they are over 50 bucks for 30ml.

    - I owned vintage YSL pour homme (70's bottle) but sold it as this kind of dirty herbal citrus was and is not for me.

    - Oscar pour Lui I own vintage and current and while current is indeed more smooth and less rich they both are excellent and powerhouse worthy for sure. I owned Ferre but returned it immediately after receiving, as it was the all black reformulated bottle which I didn't like that much. (I expected back then the old brown bottle as the online seller showed on the picture). Never saw anyone selling the vintage ever since.......
  5. PerfumeCollector
    Hey Slayer, aren't you glad the Netherlands and Argentina didn't meet at the world cup? If they had, it could have ended in divorce, LOL
    Anyhow, you and your better half must be happy with the second and third place.

    Pretichor: I am glad to hear that my review helped you in deciding to get Dali pH, it feels good to know you have made a difference.
  6. Petrichor
    Thanks, Slayerized! Also very helpful. Maybe I'll go for the 30ml of the Balenciaga after all. As for the Ferre, my formula is clearly the new black bottle/new formula, and I do love it, but I'll always have an eye out for the brown bottle. Just in case.

    PerfumeCollector: since I was thinking of this thread, today I decided to wear the Dali PH hanging out around the house with my daughters. My three year old told me I smell really good. I guess I'm cultivating her good taste at age 3
  7. Slayerized
    Eeeh......PC@ I don't quite understand....

    They did meet and played the second semi final against each other. You missed that?! Argentina beat us on penalties and went on to the final vs Germany and we played for 3d/4th place vs Brazil.
  8. PerfumeCollector
    You are right Slayer, they did meet.
    The news were only talking about the 7-1 beating of Germany to poor Brazil so maybe the Netherlands/Argentina match went unnoticed (at least to us) LOL.
    I stand corrected.
    Anyhow, did you two watch the game together?
    Did you bet?
  9. Slayerized
    Yes, actually this game we watched together and my gf thought NL would win. Game finally did not deserve a winner tbh but there, of course, always has to be one after taking penalties (you call them shoot outs) after the extra time. No divorce as a result, lol!
  10. Derbyman
    Hi Petrichor - good to have you onboard!

    I've nothing to add with regards questions 1, 3 & 4 - PC and Slayer have covered those perfectly.

    As for Balenciaga - I was lucky enough to pick up a 50ml splash bottle, around 3 years ago from memory, which I've decanted bit by bit into an atomiser. It's a good fragrance but I very rarely wear it as I don't get that excited by it. It opens in a very harsh way practically burning the sinuses but dries down quite quickly into a dry-ish woody, tobacco scent with heaps of patchouli and oakmoss. After 5 or 6 hours it sweetens ever-so-slightly but keeps pumping out the sillage like a good 'un!

    It's Lapidus Pour Homme strength in terms of sillage and longevity. If you take away the pineapple(?) note and and any perceptible sweetness from Lapidus and replace with some dry woods then you'll pretty much have Balenciaga Pour Homme. It's good but I would be upset if I'd spent $$$ (or in my case ..!) on it. Give the mini one a go and if you happen to love it you can always find a bigger bottle...!
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