Sweeter Oud Oil suggestions?

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  1. Farouha
    Can someone please recommend me an oud oil suitable for me?

    I am looking for the following:

    I am looking for an oud oil which is strong, sweet, leathery and has good silage. I like fruity sweet notes in my oud.
    I DISLIKE and want to AVOID any barnyard, menthol, medicinal, earthy (soil) smell, very woodsy dry down (I'd like a sweet element to remain in the dry down).

    Please can you tell me which one of your oud oils would suit me best?

  2. russian adam
    russian adam
    do you want 100% pure oud ?
    custom distilled ?
    or any good smelling oud?
    whats your budget ?
  3. Farouha
    I would prefer pure oud but am open minded to other offerings.

    I think max of 180 for 3ml...thanks
  4. rouj
    I recommend Agar Aura's Sweet Siam. Fantastic oud, I'm in love with it. But otherwise not too familiar with any other ouds besides Agar Aura's stuff
  5. iris&oud
    I second the suggestion for the Agar Aura's Sweet Siam. Lovely fruitiness

    Also try Ensar Oud's Oud Yusuf, which is on sale, but I think only until Friday. This has a more floral opening with clean woodiness in the drydown

    Another thought is Thai Chameleon from Feeloud. It opens with bright lemon peel notes and has a leathery wood drydown
  6. russian adam
    russian adam
    yes, oud Yusuf definitely will suit a lady ,
    sweet siam as well i think.
  7. Farouha
    Thanks guys..I have ordered samples of Sweet Siam and Zero banyard oud.

    I will also try Oud Yusuf...will try my best to get a sample..
  8. Farouha
    Oddly I owned Dehn Al Oud Safa by ASAQ and also Dehnal Oud Shuyooki by Al Haramain in the past.

    I loved both of them..they had the diesel note (no barnyard and no over the top wood) but they both had no sweetness.

    As a woman, I want traditional smelling oud but with some sweetness or fruit added.

    I will be very curious to see how my Agar Aura samples smell...I wonder if they will smell 'middle eastern' at all?

    Oh the anticipation lol...
  9. rouj
    Farouha, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Agar Aura's stuff, I'm new to oud and you sound like someone who know's that they are talking about. Shoot me a PM if you feel like it and tell me what you think.
  10. Farouha
    Salaam Rouj! Yes, I will let you know once I receive them :-)
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