Has anyone tried 'Dehn Al Oood Nashwa' by Swiss Arabian?

  1. Farouha
    What does it smell like?

    Thanks and best regards
  2. russian adam
    russian adam
    oh yes, i tested it in one of their branches in Saudi Arabia ,
    to the the best of my knowledge it is the top quality offered by this brand.
    It smells pure to my nose , which was a surprise knowing that 99% of oud oils from large brands are blended.
    it is cambodi, i think from cultivated agarwood, well new generation cambodi , which might b thai. not like typical tangy, lemony and floral thai oils. it has sweet leathery scent with a touch of ripe fruits such as apricot, plum and may b a bit of tobacco .
    not bad at all , but i believe it is overpriced as for this money you can get something a bit better.

    please note that batches may vary and there probably few different batches of this oud...
  3. Farouha
    Thank you so much for your opinion!

    Can you remember, did it have a menthol or earthy tone to it?

    Would it be suitable for a lady?
  4. russian adam
    russian adam
    no mentol , may be tiny touch of earthiness.
    oooh, lady?
    yes … it will suit OUD LADY =)
    may be a bit to heavy for a normal lady.
  5. Farouha
    Thanks! :-)
    Just one last question - was it at all medicinal smelling? x
  6. russian adam
    russian adam
    oh, i can not b sure, to me no,
    but may b to some yes.
    also as i said batches may vary … so its hard , it might be totally different now.
  7. Farouha
    Thank you for letting me know
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