angel men, pure leather

  1. santino
    I am glad to be back after long hiatus. Meanwhile I continued my fragrance journey. One big discovery I made was A* men pure leather. It smells liike modern version of our revered leather frags only with chocolate and mocha hints to it. Has anyone tried this modern marvel, what are your opiniions about it? Personally I would classify it under bonafide power house fragrance due to its smoky manly feel and beasty sillage.
  2. Derbyman
    Hey santino - good to have you back! I've just bought Pure Coffee to go with the other Muglers I own (A*Men, B*Men & Pure Havane). Personally I don't like Pure Leather at all - i found it to have a strong, petro-chemical smell - a plasticy note which really turned my stomach so i didn't end up buying it. I had 3 samples which I gave full wearings to but really couldn't wait to wash it off each time - glad you like it though. I'm hoping that Mugler 'Pure Wood' is a winner when it finally appears in the UK...!
  3. santino
    It probably has to do with sample quality or weather. I dismissed it after sampling it earlier. I used to live in New York at that time. Now I live in scorching Texas and the heat brought out savage leather and super dark brooding patchouli sweetened by coffee/caramel note. If you have the sample, I would suggest resampling it in warmer climate. It is super masculine.
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