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  1. blade_922

    Wanted to ask a bit about blending Oud with other oils like rose or deer musk(in sandalwood).

    I'm talking Pure Oud, pure taif rose and real deer musk which is saturated in sandalwood oil.

    I've always thought the real deer musk and pure oud(cambodi:hindi hybrid) would make a good blend. I wouldn't just do a 50/50 split on the 2 would I? Or would I use a sandalwood base and add a bit of both to it?

    And how would one go about adding a drops of one too another? Is there something to make it easier rather than just pour?

    Has to be alcohol free.

    I know I can just go out there and buy blended ouds etc but I wanna try do something myself

    Lots of questions but I'm really going to enjoy experimenting.
  2. russian adam
    russian adam
    its always good to read first,
    what goes to the base, middle and top …
    what blends well together.

    then you should experiment with very tiny amounts ,
    so you won't spoil nice oils …
  3. blade_922
    Okay so I got that part. But what do you use to mix? Do you just pour straight from the bottle? Or use a pipette?
  4. russian adam
    russian adam
    if you have spare pipette use it, if not just pour by the drops,
    lets say 4 drops of sandalwood, 3 of oud, 0.5 of misk, 0,25 of rose =)
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