Any Suggestions For A Rookie?

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  1. ConvertedByWetShaving
    Hey Guys! Based on this group's name and description, I suspect that I'm in the right place. I have to be honest, I used to think cologne in general wasn't particularly "manly", dismissing it as perfume for men regardless of what name you give it, so I really couldn't be bothered with wearing scents. Just a few years ago, fed up with the price of razor cartridges for my Gilette Proglide, I switched to straight razors (and safety razor for when in a hurry), which brought me to better shave creams and to aftershave... and I learned that maybe it's ok for us guys to pamper ourselves a bit, and some of this stuff smells darn good (and some nnnnot so much so). Becoming more open-minded through that lead me to cologne, but I'm really a complete rookie and would love some suggestions based on what I already have/like as to "what's next to try".
    I doubt that I have even nearly the sophisticated palate that most members on here have, but I thought joining up here might help me expand from the few colognes I have and find new ones I might enjoy.

    Here's my rotation so far.
    - Brut Original
    - Clubman Original
    - Art of Shaving Sandalwood
    - Old Spice Original
    - Clubman Special Reserve
    - Armani Code (the wife's favorite)
    - English Leather
    - Polo Green Original
    - Aramis
    - Guy Larroche Drakkar Noir
    - Observe L'Essence (pretty different from the rest, not exactly what I'd call a "manly" scent really, but the wife got it for me and once in a while I find it refreshing and I'm wondering if there are choices of perhaps better quality to try that are of similar nature)

    Based on some trolling around on here, YSL's Kouros and Versace Dreamer might be interesting to try, and I never knew there was an Old Spice Leather (I had enough trouble finding true Original)....
  2. PerfumeCollector
    You gotta try Bayrum, there are many brands of Bayrums, but the best for the buck is Ogallala.

    Pinaud Bay rum isn't bad for the money either.

    And there are more expensive bayrums is you want to splurge.
  3. Slayerized

    Difficult to say but I see you already own some real strong scents (Aramis, Polo) so my advise is to just by (or sample in case that is possible) some of the real cheap but very good powerhouse fragrances. Here some which are cheap (at least here) and worth buying blind.

    - Quorum
    - Oscar de la Renta pour lui
    - Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme
    - Kouros (older version)
    - Sung Homme
    - Open by Roger&Gallet
    - Giorgio for men
    - Lomani or Caesars Man to have a cheaper (in price) Drakkar Noir smelling like fragrance but still very good!
    - Lapidus pour homme
    - Tsar
    - Francesco Smalto pour homme
    - Krizia Uomo
    - One man Show (by Jacques Bogart)
    (last two if you want to try a heavy but fresh pine fragrance)
    - Van Gils
    - Antaeus

    Almost all of them are rather cheap to say the least!
  4. ConvertedByWetShaving
    Awesome, guys! Thanks for your time/help!

    I just read up on all of those (and put a number of them on my To Try list - plus heck, many of 'em are at a price worth buying blind as you point out) aside from the bay rum which isn't on here but I'm sure I could find on Amazon or something.

    Ya know, the problem with going to Macy's or Lord & Taylor or something like that to try out scents is that aside from how fragmented and disorganized they are (they mean well, but you find yourself being passed along from person to person, section to section), they have their own opinions that they want to impose on you (the one obviously was expressing that the scents I was interested in are "for old people") as opposed to actually helping you find what you're looking for. Plus a lot of the leads I get these places claim "can't be found anymore". In other words, if you're lookin' for "old school", not much there will fit the bill.

    Anyway, glad I found this site and this group! Much more helpful than stores in the area.
  5. bigsteve
    You already have some pretty nice frags (Code, Polo green, and Aramis)
    The Dreamer is pretty bad, in my opinion.
    Slayerized, as always, has some good suggestions. Of these I am most enthusiastic about Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme. Cheap, masculine, and good staying power. I like Sung Homme a lot also, and it's another cheapie.
    Quorum is excellent but rather poor longevity on me. Same with the current formulation of Drakkar Noir.
    Never heard of PerfumeCollector's suggestion, but he IS a very savvy frag guy.

    In the non "powerhouse" realm, I recommend Carven Homme, Prada Amber Pour Homme, and even Bleu de Chanel. I'd be surprised if your wife didn't like all 3 of these. The Carven in particular is quite masculine, in my opinion. Discontinued, but can be found on the net.
  6. PerfumeCollector
    Bigsteve: Thank you for your kind words but I cannot believe you have never heard of Bayrum (or Bay Rum), but this fragrance is the epitome of "barbershop fragrance", and Pinaud Bay Rum is a classic. I suggested Bay Rum because I consider it like the point of entrance for the powerhouse world, it is not too strong and introduces the concept of "barbershop" and since Converted got into straight razor, I thought Bay Rum would be perfect..

    Converted: Here is a link for Pinaud:

    and one for Ogallala:

    but there are many more, St. John's, Bigelow's, Captain Choice, Turtle Bay, Michelsen's, Geo Trumper, and I can go on and on.
    But stick to any of the cheap ones first to see if you like it
  7. Slayerized
    The Dreamer is indeed awful in current formulation but the vintage is awesome!
    On my skin they both are different scents (in development) and in another thread people agreed with me on this.


    You already have two Clubman fragrances so maybe worth while indeed to check out the Bay Rum and get yourself a third one!
  8. bigsteve
    PC... of course I've heard of Bay Rum. But not that Ogallala one as in your pic. The Pinaud I definitely have seen mentioned here and there on BN. But I will admit, I didn't know there were so many choices.
  9. ConvertedByWetShaving
    You guys are golden! Thanks for your time and all the great suggestions, I really appreciate it! Gives me some great leads to look into.
    I've explored some of the Bay Rums including Pinaud, but haven't tried Ogallala yet. I must! Heck, even saying it is fun!
    I have to confess that aside from these powerhouse scents that I love, I'd also like to have something a little lighter for once in a while. That Observe L'Essence that my wife picked up... very much outside my usual, yet I must say that I do find it refreshing. However, I pretty much never wear it because I find that it still leaves me wanting, with the impression that there must be some better-quality (though not necessarily more expensive) version of this scent. Again, I'm a rookie, but somehow I still found my mind presuming to think, "Knockoff". So while it's there on the shelf, it's like I'm waiting to replace it.
    The wife actually dislikes Drakkar Noir. I'm only inclined to wear it from time to time myself. Thankfully she likes Polo Green, though Armani Code (along with Art of Shaving's Sandalwood, and I loooooove Sandalwood, particularly their take on it) seems to be her favorite so far and I like it too. I wish there was a scent that was basically Brut Original but lasted longer than Brut's aftershave - even their cologne version Original scent is severely lacking in longevity in my experience.
  10. PerfumeCollector
    Bigsteve: I understand you haven't heard of Ogallala because it is hard to get it in the regular outlets for fragrances, I think you only can get it through internet, either at their own webpage or ebay/amazon kind of online stores.
    The nice thing about Ogallala is that it is cheap and a step above Pinaud's, and it is offered not only as straight Bay Rum, also it is offered in a variety of modifications like Bay Rum/Sandalwood, Bay Rum/Lime/Peppercorns, Bay Rum/Sage/Cedar. I like them all.
    You can get better quality with St. John's or Geo Trumper's, but Ogallala is a safe introduction to see if you like it or not
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