VERMEIL BLACK - Powerhouse or Not ? Any Opinions ?

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  1. Dimitrios
    Hello Gents
    Seen this one recently again .
    Been very little talk on it .
    One comment that pricked my interest was "its similiar to French Line"
    Its classic brother is indeed a true gem & amongst the heaviest of frags i own .
    Im hoping if it hasn't been tried some brave soul from the US can shell out the $17 & blind try it .
  2. PerfumeCollector
    I love Vermeil pour Homme and I have been curious on other Vermeil fragrances. I've seen Vermeil Black and Vermeil White in ebay and I was hoping somebody here in basenotes would comment on either of them but to no avail. There is nothing here in the database about Vermeil and I think somebody should give Grant a good slap in the wrist for not listing Vermeil here in basenotes.
  3. Slayerized
    Vermeil for men (a gem!) is listed and so is Vermeil White (only the 'Black' version is not)

  4. PerfumeCollector
    You are right Slayer, Vermeil is listed here, why I was under the impression they were not listed here? I don't know.
    At any rate, Vermeil Black is not LOL, and Vermeil White has no reviews at all
  5. Slayerized
    Maybe it is because Vermeil was never listed on Fragrantica (instead of BN) and you are mixing them up otherwise I don't know as they are already on BN for years (I even bought it blind some years ago because of the good reviews and the thread in this particular powerhouse forum). However, just recently this year! four Vermeil fragrances have been added to the Fragrantica directory. They never were before! White is among those four but also without any reviews and black is not listed there either. I also wonder how White smells as it is listed as an aromatic fougere. As far as I can see the Black version is not to get here.
  6. PerfumeCollector
    You are right Slayer, now that you mention it I remember, Vermeil was not in fragrantica but they added it recently.
  7. Slayerized
    'Problem' solved..................but we still do not know how the White or Black versions smell like?
  8. Derbyman
    Found a few nuggets of info on here:

    Vermeil Black

    hednic said "If you're familiar with Revillon's French Line, that's what it reminds me of."

    Vermeil White

    scentemental said - "I have a bottle of Vermeil White, and it's very disappointing compared to the original, which is a true work of art.

    Vermeil White smells a lot many of the contemporary nondescript fragrances that are out there today. It's fresh, sharp, slightly aquatic, a little bit of everything really and a lot of nothing; there's an echo of L'Eau Bleue D'Issey Pour Homme in there somewhere. I am thinking of the odd metallic fishy note on gets in L'Eau Bleue D'Issey Pour Homme. On the whole, eminently forgettable, but who knows? I am sure there will be some who find it appealing at the level these kinds of fragrances are found appealing"

    scentimus said - "It is very much like Azzaro Onyx very fresh and woody spicy with great sillage and longevity"
  9. eramix
    Vermeil Black smells like an aquatic mess.

    Vermeil Original is a cheap Davidoff 1984 alternative.
  10. Slayerized
    Vermeil original we (almost) all know and love here. It is more how the Black version smells that is close to a mistery.....
    And, by the way, to me (imo) the original (Vermeil for men) smells nothing like the original Davidoff but that has been already thoroughly discussed in the thread about Vermeil in this forum. Davidoff by Davidoff (1984) is not even a tobacco fragrance......
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