How did your team look in the preseason?

  1. shadesofbleu
    Well, the preseason is over ... and I know it's just the preseason, But I'm going to say that I have serious worries about the Chiefs this year. The O-line is worrisome, the secondary is just awful, and there are no true offensive weapons other than Jamal Charles ...

    With the brutal schedule the Chiefs play this year, I'm predicting a 6-10 record. I hate to say that, as I'm usually pretty optimistic, if they struggle with injuries, it could be worse.
  2. stuigi
    My NY Jets are in for another rough year. Michael Vick should be an improvement on Mark Sanchez, but Geno Smith...???
  3. shadesofbleu
    Yeah, I think so too Stu ... Jets keep on struggling.
  4. stuigi
    Jets play the Raiders and the Chiefs play the Titans. If we can't win these games it will be a long season for both of our teams. On November 2nd we play each other... a perfume wager?
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