Cathartic Admission

  1. Riallus
    Hello - so I just spent an hour and a half between TPC, Luckyscent and Surrender to Chance arbitraging their various products, volumes and prices of their Labor Day sales. Spent just about $200 US dollars on samples.

    You know that feeling of satisfaction blended with remorse and disgust you get when you eat, say, a full pizza, or an entire bag of chips? Yeah, I'm feeling that now.....

    Just felt I needed to admit that to someone.
  2. Riallus
    On the plus side, TPC and Surrender both have 15% off sales. So, I DID get good value.
  3. Sago Palm
    Sago Palm
    List a few of your favorite samples from your shopping spree!
    I myself spent several happy hours over the weekend with the TPC and Surrender to Chance sites, ordering about $100 worth. Though I am experiencing much the same feelings you described above, I'm pretty excited and cannot wait until my samples arrive
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