Mississippi Medicine by D. S. & Durga (2011)

  1. odysseusm
    I pulled the trigger and now own a bottle of this beautiful, distinctive scent. It is very woody, in fact a veritable woodshop. Smoky birch tar adds to the slow-burning embers aspect. Resinous, terpenic, at times heady and exhilarating. Hints of incense. The lone floral (violet) adds a silver-ghostly subtext, appropriate to the so-called "death-cult" vibe of the scent.
    here is my original review.
    I like this herbal-medicinal brew. Hint of leather in the dry-down (like an old saddle). Beautiful, haunting. Not sweet artificially, just at times the natural result of the rich ingredients. Reminiscent of patent medicine and liniment. Grassy, hay-like. No florals. Substantial but not heavy, wears well. Something like mint/earth, perhaps patchouli. Smoky mint. Green scene.

    Top Notes: Red cedar, Aldehydes, Frankincense, Violet, White spruce, Juniper
    Heart Notes: Cypress root, Black pine, Cascarilla bark
    Base notes: Native birch tar, Incense, Spanish cade
  2. odysseusm
    I feel like putting together a string of my D.S. & Durga posts. So, here is #2. Watch for new comments tomorrow.
  3. odysseusm
    Warmth from the balsamic woods and coolness from the many conifers. Delightful. The resinous, haunting incense is also noteworthy. This is powerful at first, don't over-apply. Bit of a leather - smoke vibe happening in the dry-down. Totally different from Royal Purpure, which has a lighter, greener tone.
  4. incense+heliotrope
    This sounds awesome. So much conifer.
  5. MonkeyBars
    Birch tar and violet (flower) are kind of achilles heels for me so I'll be skipping this one. Enjoy fellow CHs!
  6. odysseusm
    Definitely a Conehead scent! So many conifers!
    "Based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s." I have no idea what this means, but it sounds bad-ass.
  7. odysseusm
    Deep in rich woods, incense notes, conifers and resins, with lingering hints of smoke and leather. This is a very fine scent. Very manly!
    Cascarilla bark, Croton eluteria is a scented bark which flavours Campari and Vermouth.
    The leather-smoke note from the birch tar and cade gets pronounced in the dry-down... so be warned and apply lightly!
  8. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    I just got a FB of this one about a month ago. I've sampled it many times over the last 3 or 4 years. It is a wonderful coniferous fragrance with a heavy dose of birch tar. Well worth owning for a Conehead.
  9. Travtex
    This one hit my nose right in the happy zone.

    I'm curious what note/accord it is that had me compulsive sniffing and burning through a decant in a few days -- I'm starting to wonder if I just have an affinity for birch tar.

    It's actually been a little while since I've found a new frag that really grabbed my attention like this one, and it's inspired me to dig into the line a little more in-depth if others are of a similar aesthetic.
  10. odysseusm
    Haha, birch tar is a deal maker / breaker for many. Some find even the merest hint too much, others really appreciate it.
    For me, a little goes a long way. The leather and smoke note can get heavy if over-applied. Still, it does add swagger and punch to the proceedings.
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