En by Svensk (2017)

  1. Travtex
    I'm kind of surprised that I couldn't find this one with a topic in this group already -- Very possible I just missed it. In any case, I'm really enjoying the decant I picked up based off the conifer guide Reddit post that was referenced here a little while back.

    For good and bad, it's reminding me a lot of a CdG Hinoki sample I had a while back. A very natural greenish pinewood, a dash of pepper and juniper berries. It's possible I'm anosmic to some shared note in these, but they both seemed to go almost imperceptibly light on me within minutes.

    But while it lasted, I found En to be a very enjoyable natural smelling fresh wood.
  2. junior_surgeon
    I like this one a lot, and to my nose it resembles Mississippi Medicine most closely. The juniper gets a little sharp, but not unwearably so.

    Also glad to hear you liked the guide!
  3. odysseusm
    I am not familiar with this one, but am glad to hear of it and have it discussed in the forum.
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