Slumberhouse Kote and Soivohle Sinti

  1. junior_surgeon
    Some have said that Kote has a fir note(though it may be a completely different formulation than the last release).

    And has anyone tried Soivohle Sinti? I really like Twelve Keys from the same brand and was looking to buy some.

    A few others that I'm interested in trying that hopefully some of you can weigh in on:

    -Prissana - Häxan

    -Maria Candida - Sideris

    -Aftelier - Fir

    -Hermès - Agar Ebene

    -CB I hate Perfume - Wild Hunt

    -Pekji - Odoon

    -Segreti di Lucca - Koh-do

    -Regime des Fleurs - Falling Trees
  2. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    I'm seriously looking forward to Kote by Slumberhouse. I have read that the original release had a "pine" note in it, not specifically a "fir" note. I can't wait to smell it. The main accord is supposed to be clementine drenched teak wood with some tobacco, but also with a pine note as well. Sounds intriguing to me.

    I got a sample of Mandy Aftel's "Fir". It is a solid perfume and is very pricey. I did enjoy it quite a bit, but haven't invested in anything beyond the sample I got. It is coniferous in a "jammy" way, like fir jam. I'd recommend getting a sample to see what you think of it...

    I got a sample of the new Odoon by Pekji from Lucky Scent. I've wasn't much to my liking. Let me know what you think of it.

    I have a full bottle of Falling Trees by Regime des Fleurs. It's pretty enjoyable but smells of Elemi more than anything. Again, let me know what you think of it if you get a sample.

    I may also have a sample of Maria Candida Sideris. Don't think I've tried it yet, but I'll have to go through my samples and see if I can find it. I'll post my thoughts if I find that I do indeed have a sample.
  3. junior_surgeon
    Thanks for your thoughts Scent Detective! I'm also excited to pick up a bottle of Kote. Josh said that this version is an extrait vs. the last release that was an edc, so one can hope that the pine presence will be amped up.

    Also have you tried the solid version of Mandy Aftel's 'Fir'? looks like the edp version is no longer available.
  4. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Yes, the solid version of Mandy Aftel's "Fir" is all I ever saw and that was the sample I tried. I wasn't aware there ever had been an edp available.
  5. odysseusm
    Glad to see mention and discussion of these scents. I have to confess they are all new to me!
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