Can dogs wear perfume?

  1. Attar
    I'm new to this site but i love dogs and i am the proud owner of a Jack russel.

    I found it odd to find a dog lovers group on a perfume site but i had an amazing idea about creating a fragrance that was for just dogs but tested on humans? lol

    I know that dogs have a different nose from humans but even more interesting is that they have their own fave odours and smells. My dog loves the smell of oakmoss.

    So i'm not too sure my dog would like to wear any kind of floral or cirtus smelling perfume lol.. but maybe something more animalistic and ambergris or for cats maybe civet an unusual scent that is taken from a pouch under the tails of male and female cats. This is now banned but there are other substitutes.
    So i wondering if there has been any kind of research into this....if you know let me know
  2. pluran
    I prefer them clean but smelling like dogs, but from what I know about Jack Russells they need something for their breath more than anything else.

    And yeah, oakmoss would be a good option. It's complex and works in a number of situations.
  3. Attar
    Yeah lolol...his breath does smell in the mornings sometimes there anything i can do to counter act that?....also i posted a picture of him so you could see
  4. Paul H
    Paul H
    Never applied any type of fragrance on my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi but his nose seems too sensitive for any type of perfume. Just a good old fashioned bath seems to do the job. Plus, his olfactory system is superhuman so he might not like it.
  5. Primrose
    I don't thinks dogs should wear perfume or even perfumed shampoos. Their noses are hundreds of times more sensitive than ours.

    Dog Generation marketed a scent for dogs where you spray it on your hands and apply it to the dog's coat.

    A healthy, clean dog has a pleasant scent and needs no perfume in my opinion. I agree that just a bath is enough.
  6. petabera
    Yes! Dogs can wear perfume.
  7. Tim Cooper
    Tim Cooper
    To my nose, the natural dog smell is perfume in itself!
  8. Guerlabee
    I think it would be torture for my dog to wear fragrance because of her acute sense of smell. I want my doggy to be able to sniff and enjoy her surroundings. Besides, I prefer my sweet doggy’s fraiche and natural, salted corn nuts and outdoorsy, grassy and earthy underbelly odor.
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