who has the best service and prices for decants?

  1. Frankiechocolate1
    Hey guys and gals. Frankie Chocolate here. I buy decants from lucky scent, the perfume court and another site and none of them wow me.

    the easiest to use is the perfume court. lucky scent rarely has the older vintage stuff i'm trying to sample and most places take their sweet time getting me my juice.

    which vendors do you like and why?

    thanks for your help. I'm new and have a lot to learn

    best day ever!

  2. CMac17
    I haven't had the chance to buy from them yet, but apparently a few years ago some people left theperfumedcourt and created a new site, surrendertochance.com It seems pretty good, prices seem competitive from what I've seen, and from what I've read on here the service seems good. I might be buying from them soon and I'll post again if I do!
  3. flyngace
    I recently made a purchase from surrendertochance.com. I like how they have different sizes you can pick from. Most of the places that I have seen only have one size (.7ml)- lucky scent.com. .7ml is not enough to get an actual idea of the fragrance- it only gives you about 5-6 sprays (if your lucky). Surrendertochance.com is a legit company, good customer service, and I would recommend to anyone sampling.
  4. Mr.Bits
    I can second Surrender To Chance. They seem like a small group of people but in a good way. Very hands on, quick to reply to email.
  5. fredricktoo
    Surrender to Chance used to be called “The Perfume Posse”. After personnel changes the company name changed as well. Perfumed Court and Perfume Posse used to offer decants for sale originally here on BN’s. They started up around the same time.

    Both are and always have been excellent choices for sampling fumes in different sizes
  6. Hazel5
    There are many other good sites. (Love The Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance)




    I've used all three of these. Service has been excellent and reliable. And in general pretty speedy, though if you want really fast shipment I think eBay is the way to go (for non-international purchases).
  7. PerfumeSamples.com






    these are the major companies in this niche that i have seen aswell there was another post wehre someone had wanted a list for it, i like this group its awesome
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